The avocado, this mystic fruit with colours that would turn any green English garden grey, is making us happy since the beginning of times. It is getting more and more popular, the avocado is now under every spotlight on every instagram account and it is the main ingredient to many of our healthy recipes. BUT WHY?


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  1. Even though it is quite rich in fatty acids, the avocado ahs many good nutrients. Such as Omega-3, potassium and has a high level of monounsaturated fat (that helps with weight loss, yay!)
  2. Rich in fibres it is your ally against constipation. One avocado a day represents 30% of your daily need in fibres.
  3. Thanks to it’s high level of monounsaturated fat it helps lower the cholesterol level. Studies have shown that a person with HLC, that adds avocado to it’s diet, will lower his Cholesterol Level.
  4. Avocado is great for the vision as well. As it prevents from the aging of your eye, thanks to it’s high level of lutein.
  5. It is just scrumptious, tasty and filling in many different ways. On a toast with cream cheese, in a smoothie or turned into a guacamole.
  6. It is also goof for your skin, as it’s quite rich in fatty acids. It’ll keep your skin shiny and hydrated. We are addicted already ;)

In South America, the avocado is a fruit you eat for dessert. Will you try it yourself? In any case we can’t wait to eat more of that tasty fruit!


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