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“I just discovered today your fruit juices in a restaurant in the Vaud region. Delicious, tasty, a real pleasure.”

Rose, December 2022

“I am delighted. I have now had three days and ordered three more. I only needed extra broth with egg in the evening, so maybe the scales didn’t weigh as much, but I feel fit and light. The juices are delicious, delivered fresh and on time. But hey, what did you do with my craving for coffee and cigarettes? :P It’s almost gone!”

Sina, March 2021

“I always look forward to the next drink and it makes me more consistent. But most importantly, there is something going on in my body.”

Isabelle, March 2022

“Good job!! I am on Day 3 of the Reset Soup Cleanse and I feel more energetic, lighter and happier. Today I have been cleaning hiking shoes, my balcony, etc. – all chores that I would usually put off for as long as possible – and realized that I had much more enthusiasm for these tasks probably because I don’t feel weighed down by heavy meals and sugar. I like the juices, the soups, the shots and the truffe (could eat several of these!). If I could afford it, I would eat this way most of the month. Considering food costs in Switzerland, the products are reasonably priced. Front-door delivery gives me no excuse but to do another cleanse very soon. Many thanks for a very good product and service!”

Wildworlde, March 2022

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I did a collaboration with Fit ‘n’ Tasty, it was my request because I wanted to do a juice cleanse, my body needed it because I was giving it too much. I did the Urban Cleanse but I really did it my way to make it work for me: I did 3 days of full juice and, the last 2 days of the cleanse, I introduced a light meal at lunchtime. The experience is incomparable to the last cleanse I had done elsewhere (I was in a very sad mood, my life had no taste anymore). With Fit ‘n’ Tasty, not at all! I feel so good, I’m so happy. I love to eat, I don’t limit myself and yet during the whole experience I didn’t feel hungry at all, I just had to take a nap on the first day because I was very tired and I had a headache, but from the second day onwards I was so good. So it really gave me what I needed.

“I decided to do a 3-day cleanse (this is not a collab). I chose the intermediate cleanse with 2 soups and 2 truffles. I chose Fit ‘n’ Tasty because it is Swiss, the ingredients are great and the fruit & vegetables are cold-pressed.”

review hembisefamily

@hembisefamily, February 2023

“I’m doing a 3-day juice fast. Fit ‘n’ Tasty offers delicious artisanal cold pressed juices and it’s a wonderful experience. It gives you a lot of time to think, reflect and focus on other activities.”

review, January 2022

“Yum++++! Honestly the best soups I have ever tasted. And I’m also a fan of their ginger shots, I often take them before I go to the gym or in the morning to replace coffee.”

review dearcarotte

@dearcarotte, November 2022

“I opted for the 3-day Urban Cleanse and I’m very happy with my choice. It’s a good cleanse to start with, it also teaches me to rethink my hunger. You don’t feel too deprived, because the juices are delicious, really!”

review byenico

@byenico, February 2022

A juice & soup cleanse every 3 months! Always love doing it to give my body a little rest. Also great for vitamins and antioxydants for those upcoming colder months. Love that Fit ‘n’ Tasty offers cleanses with a mix of juices AND soups. All super tasty, clean & fresh mmh!”

review nadia damaso

@nadiadamaso_December 2022

“The Pimp Me Up is totally validated! You can really feel the carrot, I really like this kind of mix and there is no added sugar, you can really feel the taste of fresh fruits/vegetables, I love it! Also a fan of Fresh Eden! I’m not a big ginger person usually, but frankly it’s really good with the little tart lemon/apple taste.”

review joyceh

@joyceh._, February 2022

“I’m running around, so my solution to eating healthy, good and fast: Fit ‘n’ Tasty soups. My saviours when I don’t have time to cook. Plus it’s seasonal, it’s delicious, it’s Swiss!”

review byenico

@byenico, December 2022

“The shots are great for a little energy kick, the Almond Shake everyday tastes like dessert mhm! If you feel like you eat way too many sweets, after 5-7 days of juices you’ll find anything with sugar much sweeter than you normally would.”

review nadia damaso

@nadiadamaso_, July 2022

The Almond Shake is clearly my favorite drink of the moment! Almond drink with cinnamon and vanilla 😍

review madame caviar

@madame.caviar, February 2022

Fresh Eden? Voted the best juice I’ve ever tasted in a supermarket, it’s incredible, a big hit! Found at Manor”

review byenico

@byenico, January 2022

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“Three days of drinking fruit and vegetable juices: morning, noon and night. Without any other form of food. No coffee, no alcohol, no industrial drinks. This may seem inconceivable, but it can also be a pleasure. From the first morning juice with lemon and ginger to the evening drink, more “copious” composed of almond drink, cinnamon and vanilla, each sip tested proved to be a taste experience.”

“A Bon Entendeur”, RTS


Our passage starts at 31:52, what is “pascalization”?

“The Swiss are among the world’s leading orange juice drinkers. The new trend is towards freshly squeezed juice. But are they really the source of vitamins that advertisements claim? Are they really that good for your health? Can pesticides get into your glass? Sugar content, acidity, ABE investigated with a test!”

19:30 Journal, RTS


Our interview on the RTS news about the After Party juice cleanse (Post christmas cleanse)

Elle Suisse


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