A product that makes sense

Result of many years of reflection, Fit ‘n’ Tasty has chosen to be sustainable. We know that a healthy body is meaningless without the ability to live in a healthy world. It makes sense for us to offer products that are not only of high quality, allowing the ingredients to provide all their benefits, but also products that are respectful of our environment.

This is the conscientious mindset with which we have developed our products & services. And it’ s not so simple to be waste-free and sustainable! These are very different paths even if the ecological goal is the same. We have to start by understanding where our polluting activities are and find solutions, step by step.

We offer you to accompany us in these efforts and in ALL TRANSPARENCY!

We are constantly seeking to optimize our supply of raw materials

Local : We use a maximum of Swiss products, because we prefer to value Swiss quality and work, rather than having our raw materials travel the globe! We have everything it takes of ultra fresh and balanced to press a juice, as good as homemade! Most of our recipes therefore contain a base of apples and pears, all of which come from cooperatives in Vaud and Wallis (to limit our impact) and to give our juices that much appreciated taste!

Organic or IP Suisse : Whenever possible and when it makes sense, we select fruits and vegetables labeled Organic or IP Suisse that certify the use of sustainable agriculture and low environmental impact.

Our choice to produce in Switzerland: All our products are pressed in Switzerland. This ethical choice was not a debate. It simply is what makes sense.

We are working on reducing our waste and recycling it when we can’t avoid it

Buy only what we need: We order the fruits & vegetables we need and that’s it! We receive the fruits & vegetables the morning of the production, so our fruits & vegetables don’t wait weeks in the fridge. This allows us to avoid losses, everything goes to the press!

Revalorizing our production losses: When the organic waste (peels for example) has not found a place in our recipes, we send it to Bio Eco Energie  less than 10 km away from home. They transform them into biogas and natural fertilizers!

Upcycling our waste: There is something good in our waste, because it is simply the freshly pressed pulp that has been filtered. Maximum fibers for lots of anti-gaspi fit & tasty recipe ideas! If you have any other great ideas, please contact us!

Zero-waste consciousness: When our products are approaching their expiration date, we offer them on Too good to go! A solution for you and for us to find our way around!

We think very carefully about our packaging and the transport of our goods

That’s where our biggest challenge lies, in our packaging!

Our PET bottles: You can see that your eyes are staring at our PET bottles. And we don’t ignore it! It’s not easy to find a solution that really works. Since 2020, we have even set up a small team full of inventiveness to find a bottle that meets our zero-waste requirements.
And we admit it, it’s frustrating! Between the half-hearted solutions that are only there to sell you the zero waste dream while hiding the fact that they are not really that biodegradable, and the other solutions that are still too avant-garde for Switzerland to know how to recycle them. We get lost in it. But we are working on it.
Since 2021, we have switched to rPET for the vast majority of our bottles. And that’s a relief! Recycled and recyclable bottles. With an unfailing recycling chain in Switzerland. But in all transparency, this is only the beginning, we will continue to work towards a zero-waste future.

The boxes to deliver your juices: In order to deliver our fresh juices to you, we have to use isothermal boxes and ice. At the moment, it is not possible to return them or organize a consignment, as this would demand doubling the number of trips. We are working on it and are counting on you for the moment to reuse and/or recycle these boxes and ice! Since 2021, our boxes are 100% cardboard. Perfect and resistant, a packaging technology that preserves the cold!

Reducing & offsetting the impact of transport: How can we offset our shipping logistics emissions? We send you packages directly to your home, it is our strength and what is essential for your hectic lives. We are therefore considering working with partners to offset these emissions. And we’ll keep you informed!

We also have a more global reflection on our environmental impact

On a personal note: Finally, environmental values and the spirit of recycling bring us together as a team. From Ondine and Alison’s carpooling to the eternal bottle of water that Yann shows us every day and Ederson’s ALL-TIME bicycle: Small solutions that collectively make the difference.

A bigger impact for many: We have seriously put ourselves on a mission to think as a company to make the right environmental choices, and we will soon share our research of simple small Swiss companies that are looking to do better, little by little… until the moon. We are not experts and that’s where it gets interesting. If we succeed we hope to be able to share our thoughts and ideas on other SMEs. We look forward to hearing from you!

All together, thank you, the Fit ‘n’ Tasty team.