The Fit ‘n’ Tasty orange juice and the industrial one, here are the differences!

29-11-21|Health, Nutrition|

On the occasion of the return of our orange juices, we make a point on the differences between the industrial orange juices and ours!   1) The place of production is the first difference: for industrial juices, the fruits are often pressed at the other end of the world. At Fit 'n' Tasty, the oranges are picked and pressed in Spain. It is important for us to press as close as possible to the production, in order to preserve the nutritional and taste qualities of the fruit. For the record: only our fruit juice range is not [...]

How to boost your immune system?

12-11-21|Health, Nutrition|

It's a known fact that cold weather and seasonal changes tend to affect us as we are confronted with new microorganisms. Do you feel weaker? Then it's time to strengthen your immune system! And that's good, there are tricks available to everyone. We give you some of them: 1) Fill up on vitamins! It is important to choose foods that contain certain vitamins and minerals. Some examples: Vitamin A - it maintains the proper functioning of mucous membranes, skin and vision. You can find it in carrots, spinach, apricots, melons, eggs and dairy products. Vitamin B - is [...]

The 5:2 intermittent fasting

14-04-21|Cleanse, Infos, Nutrition|

The 5:2 diet is a well known intermittent fasting program that consists of restricting your caloric intake two days a week (500-600 calories per day), while eating normally the other five days. This diet has already proven itself both in terms of weight loss and health. Many people adopt it on a regular basis in their wellness routine! The 5:2 diet is based on the principle of alternating between eating and fasting periods. The goal is to find the eating rhythm of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. According to some scientists, this eating rhythm corresponds much more to our chrono-biological rhythm [...]

How to recover after the end-of-year festivities?

05-01-21|Cleanse, Nutrition|

Foie gras, turkey, log, salmon toast, and also all the raclette and fondue evenings, nobody wants to miss out on the good things in winter. Unfortunately, our excesses are not really appreciated by our body ... The proof: growth of pimples, dull hair and complexion, headaches and stomach aches, lack of energy, fatigue ... Your body needs to be taken care of! Take a cure Of course ... the cure ;-) It's time to start afresh! And yes, we have the solution, the "After Holiday" cure created especially for the occasion to get you [...]

Which diet to feel good?

25-11-20|Health, Nutrition|

It is now known and acknowledged that our diet has a direct and important impact on our physical health, of course, but also on our mood, our emotions, stress and sleep management! We have decided to explore for you some ways to feel better. Today we focus on a good mood & happiness! My diet, a key source of wellness Of course, the environment, sleep, sports, and many other factors have an impact on your happiness. It is also key to adapt your diet to provide your body with all the micro nutrients (vitamins, amino [...]

Fit’n’Tasty orange juices: as good as homemade, without compromise! 

15-10-20|Health, Infos, Nutrition|

The orange season is back, and so are our Fit'n'Tasty orange juices. This is an opportunity to learn a little bit more about this popular juice. Why should I drink orange juice? In addition to the flavor (it's simply delicious!), oranges have many nutritional benefits. You can rely on its intake of vitamin C, flavonoids and carotenoids, which stimulate the immune system, protect your cells through their antioxidant action and stimulate calcium absorption. Moreover, by consuming orange juice, you facilitate your body's efforts by making the absorption of these vitamins and flavonoids quicker and easier [...]

Easy Healthy Food Swaps – By Victoria Sardain

01-11-19|Health, Infos, Nutrition|

About Victoria Sardain : Victoria is a wellness coach, consultant and entrepreneur who's ultimate mission is to enable people all over the world to understand their personal power. Through her monthly Brunch Club events, one-on-one coaching, Corporate Wellness Programs for companies, and her blog, she is here to spread inspiration and have a real impact on the world.   "In today’s word of fad diets, misleading “health” food advertising and the internet breeding a ridiculous amount of false information, it’s easy to fall into a trap, thinking you’re doing your body good, when really you’re [...]

Le Smart Truffe – A love story

25-03-19|Infos, Nutrition, Uncategorized|

The Smart Cake story, like most of the good ones, is a story about love. Love for good food, love for cooking, the bond it creates with people and the kind of love that makes you change your whole life and move to another continent. Luciana Esteves, founder of the company, was born in Rio de Janeiro, and was always passionate about baking: the very first recipe she learned, at the age of 7, was actually of a fluffy chocolate cake. “I still remember the smell, and how tasty and simple it was!”, she says. Years [...]

Superfruit: pomegranate

17-09-18|Health, Infos, Nutrition|

One superfruit that has been used for ever! – Considered as a superfruit, pomegranate has protecting effects against oxidant stress, cardiovascular diseases, dementia, inflammatory reactions and some cancers. A real health elixir due to its high polyphenols level – which are strong antioxidants three times more elevated than green tea ones – as well as vitamins B6, B9 and C. - Pomegranate protects against cardiovascular diseases and delays the appearance of arteriosclerosis (the thickening, tightening and elasticity loss of arteries).  - It would protects brain from dementia and from diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer due to its neuroprotective effect.  -  [...]

Cold brew coffee

17-09-18|Infos, Nutrition|

For any amateur, cold brew coffee is a refreshing alternative enabling a totally new tasting angle.  – Concept Contrary to what might be assumed, it ain't an iced-coffee made from an expresso served with ice cubes. That is simply a coffee obtained without heat, thus cold-extracted for a long time.  Process Coffee beans are coarse-grounded and then soaked into water for about twenty hours. Infusion must be long as the water used is at room temperature or chilled. Finally, beans are filtered from water and coffee is ready for tasting! Taste To the palate, flavors are much different. Coffee acidity [...]