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Sun protection – everything is in the kitchen

30-06-18|Health & Nutrition, Infos, Recipes|

- We've been waiting for the sun like all year around, so when it showed up, we all ran sunbathing by the lake for hours. For most of us, its rich vitamin D raylights fuels us with good vibes. Also, who doesn't like a tan? We have been told that sun is foolish and that we should protect our skin with thousands of creams and so on. Everything is moderation and how we handle it. Foods Cruciferous veggies (all cabbage type, broccoli, some leafy greens): have them! Their antioxydant prevents from UV raylights.  Superfoods superpowers! Spirulina and chlorella protects your [...]

Behind the scenes: superfoods

01-03-17|Health & Nutrition, Recipes|

As you probably already know, we are gagas oversuperfoods. We already talked about the benefits of themaca powder, the spirulina powder, gchia seeds, linseeds and many more…. abut this time we are here to tell you how to use our superfood KITS, with tips and tricks to add them in your every day food routine N°1 STARTER KIT Ideal to complement your cleanse or your meal programs! Inside there is: Goji berries Chia seeds Chocolate covered cranberries Mulberries Dried Mango Raw cacao nibs N°2 ENERGY BOOSTER KIT Our 5 favourite superfoods to boost your mood and energy levels. Inside there is: Raw cacao nibs Goji [...]

DIY rosewater lip balm

17-11-16|Health & Nutrition, Infos, Recipes|

Winter being right on time and already quite chilly, we have to take care of our skin more than ever. Always on the lookout for new organic beauty products, we decided to create our own ;) To do so we found an awesome DIY blog GIMME SOME OVEN and we fell in love with their DIY ROSEWATER LIP BALM. So here we are in the Fit ‘n’ Tasty super kitchen trying to make it ourselves by following their recipe!     To do it you’ll need: 3 Tbsp. olive oil 2 Tbsp. sunflower seed oil (or you can substitute an additional 2 Tbsp. olive oil [...]

Homemade avocado mask

21-08-16|Health & Nutrition, Infos, Recipes|

Who doesn’t love to take the time to pamper our body and face? AT Fit ‘n’ Tasty we try to do it as often as we can ;) And here is our own homemade avocado face mask. You might already know that we are avocado lovers ;-) For a radiant skin and super soft try to do this mask every 2 weeks. Best part you’ll have half of the avocado left to eat it ! YUM ! You’ll need : ½ of an avocado 2 TBSP of honey 1 TBSP of brown granulated sugar (to add a scrubby feeling to it)   How to do [...]

The super AVOCADO and its health benefits

16-06-16|Health & Nutrition, Infos, Recipes|

The avocado, this mystic fruit with colours that would turn any green English garden grey, is making us happy since the beginning of times. It is getting more and more popular, the avocado is now under every spotlight on every instagram account and it is the main ingredient to many of our healthy recipes. BUT WHY?     Even though it is quite rich in fatty acids, the avocado ahs many good nutrients. Such as Omega-3, potassium and has a high level of monounsaturated fat (that helps with weight loss, yay!) Rich in fibres it is your ally against constipation. [...]

Fat meals to healthy ones

29-02-16|Health & Nutrition, Infos, Recipes|

Now more than ever we all want to eat healthy. Find the perfect dishes to cook for ourselves our family and friends. But how would you tell your son that you are replacing his regular burger with a veggie one? Or tell your husband that the thursday's pizza will be replaced by healthy focaccia? We found THE solution for you! Plenty of bloggers and cooks questionned themselves to find a solution to turn fattening dishes into healthy ones. It is with great joy that we are giving you 5 recipes of transformed dishes that will be as tasty as beautiful. [...]