Order & payment

Please make your selection among our Fit’n’Tasty products, such as fasting programs, or juices and shots individually.

Once your cart is full, we will simply ask you for your contact details and the delivery date.

In order to facilitate the delivery, please indicate any relevant information that could help the delivery (wo)man to find you. Please indicate a “real” address, for instance, PO boxes cannot be delivered.

The payment can be made by Paypal (using a Paypal account), by TWINT or by credit card. For special cases, it is possible to pay by bank transfer (e-banking or at your bank directly) or with LaPoste. Send us an email at info@fitntasty.ch to make a request.

Note : It can sometimes happen that a shortage of one of our ingredients or allergies lead to certain changes in your order, most often minimal. If so, we thank you in advance for your understanding.


For all fasting programs, you will receive a guide which will help you prepare for this magic adventure. The guide is sent electronically in the order confirmation email (you will find a link in the email confirmation).

We advise you to read the guide carefully before the program starts as it explains the basics of fasting, but also how to prepare in the run up to the first day of your program.

We recommend that you do not start the fasting program on the same day of delivery, but rather on the following day or within the shelf life of your juices to avoid stress.


We deliver with Swiss Post.


We deliver across Switzerland, directly to your home or office.
We don’t have a juice collection option yet. Thank you for your understanding!


In the cart you can choose between 2 delivery options: Post Priority or Express Moon Post. If you choose Post Priority, the parcel will be delivered the date of your choice between 7 am and 5 pm. If you choose Express Moon, it will be delivered on your specific date in the morning between 7 and 9:30 am.

The delivery (wo)man will leave the box in the area of your letter box or close to your building/house door. Attention, he might not ring, to avoid waking you up. Therefore, you don’t need to be present to sign for it – the delivery man will leave the box in any case.

We still strongly advise you to be present in the morning, in order to avoid stealing or any other issues. In case you leave early, the best is to ship the juices to your office directly.

Make sure to check your mail box and front door, it is important to put the juices in the fridge as soon as possible !


The juices are delivered in an icebox, they can be kept inside until the end of day without issue. .


As soon as you receive the juices, it is important to put them in the fridge! Our juices are cold pasteurized and therefore stored chilled. More information about cold pasteurization.

Please check the shelf life of each juice, you will need to finish them by then. The shelf life of the juices you receive varies depending on our stocks, but we guarantee a minimum of 7 days shelf life when you receive them.

What should I do if the delivery is delayed?

Don’t worry, there is a solution for every problem. Here are some instructions if you have not received your package:

1.Please make sure that the case has not already been dropped off without your knowledge (the Post is used to not ringing the bell and to dropping the packages in the proximity of the mailboxes, sometimes in front of the door of your house or your building).

2.You should have received an email or sms from the Post with your tracking number. You can track the package by clicking directly on the link in the email (or by going to their website) and entering your tracking number. Here are the possible situations:

  • Package in progress / Loading in the vehicle: Please be patient, the mailman is probably running a little late. You can contact the post customer service directly to have more information on the expected delivery time.
  • Package delivered: The package is marked as delivered. If you didn’t find it, it also happens that some kind neighbors pick it up without telling you, you might want to check with them. Last but not least, the package was scanned as “delivered” before the mailman actually arrived, but he should be here soon. If the package cannot be found, you can contact us, mentioning your Fit ‘n’ Tasty order number and post tracking number.
  • Package in error of delivery: It means unfortunately that the package may not be delivered today due to an error from the Post. Please contact us by email, indicating your Fit ‘n’ Tasty order number and the tracking number. We will do a follow-up with them. Fortunately, this is an exceptional case.

3) Thank you for your patience, the carriers are doing their best to deliver you as soon as possible

Our products can be kept in the isothermal box without problem until the end of the day, thanks to the ice packs. A delay is therefore accepted and does not threaten the quality of the products.

For people who have ordered a fasting program :

We always recommend that you start the day following the delivery. This will allow you to start your juicing program in the best conditions, as soon as you wake up.
If you had planned to start on the same day, you can wait with an herbal tea, a home-pressed juice (of fruits and vegetables) or crunch a raw vegetable or fruit (cucumber, apple, etc.). You can also postpone the beginning of your juice fasting to the next day by eating light meals during that day (you can find some examples in the fasting guide received by mail). This will avoid frustrations.

Our customer service is open for your complaints or questions by email. We can respond from Monday to Friday, by email from 9AM to 4PM (on info@fitntasty.ch) and by phone from 9AM to noon (+41 21 544 16 36).
For Saturday deliveries, our team is off. We advise you to contact the Post directly. You can of course send us an email, we will answer you as soon as possible!