Given our modern lifestyle, it has become increasingly difficult to find healthy, natural yet delicious food. It was in the Summer of 2013, through our own personal quest for the right diet, that the idea for Fit ‘n’ Tasty was born with the goal of bringing food back to its roots and making it what it should be: simple, nutritious and delightful. Our goal is to offer healthy food options that prove to the skeptics that healthy and clean eating can be exciting and delicious.

From healthy meal programs to detox/cleanse programs, Fit ‘n’ Tasty has promoted a large scale of offers to bring you the benefits of our local mother nature. And it’s when our founder Wendy discovered cold pressed juices in New York that she decided to launch her juicery in Switzerland, so that the well kept secret to a healthier life woukd no longer be a secret here!

Fit ‘n’ Tasty is a team that is proud to present it’s products, always looking for culinary discoveries and exiting ingredients to impress your taste buds and your soon-to-be abs of steel.

The Fit team, the Tasty team

Wendy Vanhonacker – Founder
Wendy wants to eat healthy, but not at the cost taste. Well before Fit ‘n’ Tasty, it was mainly pasta, pasta and pasta… But after traveling around the world, she discovered the benefits of cold-pressed juices. And bam! Back in Switzerland, and seeing that this was not yet available, she decided to launch her own brand of cold-pressed juices, with a mission for sustainable products, i.e. local whenever possible! It is always a pleasure to discover the benefits of the nature around us!

She did all this with one goal in mind: To bring you delicious premium and nutritive juices for your daily life. And how? By keeping it simple, fresh and listening to your wishes!

Ederson – Head of operations

Ederson take care of everything in the kitchen! From our suppliers to the production to always trying to satisfy your wishes!

Yann & our production team

Our little fairies who get messy in the kitchen to press our juice elixirs.

Alison – Customer care & logistics

Alison manages her tasks tightly, no details is left.

Ondine – Business developer

Ondine joined us to develop our force, create great synergies with new partners and make Fit ‘n’ Tasty bigger & better!

Anne-Lise & Léa

You will meet our ladies if you run into one of our tastings!

Our values

Tired of the industrially packaged foods, we want fresh and tasty meals! Given that we all have different tastes and needs, we offer a tailor-made service to you. We strive to blend both seasonal products from the region in order to provide a balanced and nutritious meal.

Passion: We are a team of deeply passionate individuals who both live and promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We believe that most people aren’t even aware of how amazing their bodies are designed to feel and have made it our mission to help you discover the new, healthy you.

Quality and Sustainability: Our goal is to provide only the highest quality of ingredients. This is why we prefer local and organic products whenever possible. Our juices are all cold-pressed, because it is the most gentle procedure and delivers the most nutrients. It might be a hassle that our juices only have a 3-day shelf life, but in return we can promise you a fully raw and unprocessed product that does not contain any additives or preservatives.

Premium Service: We aim to exceed our customers expectations by offering a highly personalized service and exceptional support. We know that embarking on a new health journey can sometimes be daunting, and this is why we are here to support you on every step along the way.