Sun protection – everything is in the kitchen

30-06-18|Health & Nutrition, Infos, Recipes|

- We've been waiting for the sun like all year around, so when it showed up, we all ran sunbathing by the lake for hours. For most of us, its rich vitamin D raylights fuels us with good vibes. Also, who doesn't like a tan? We have been told that sun is foolish and that we should protect our skin with thousands of creams and so on. Everything is moderation and how we handle it. Foods Cruciferous veggies (all cabbage type, broccoli, some leafy greens): have them! Their antioxydant prevents from UV raylights.  Superfoods superpowers! Spirulina and chlorella protects your [...]

Christmas apetizers ideas

12-12-16|Infos, Recipes|

Christmas on it’s verge we’re all about planning our perfect family or friend dinner. It’s all about enjoying a nice and fancy evening. We came up with 3 appetizers that are really easy to do and will take you under 1h to do them all! SO you’ll be enjoying your beloved ones’ company!     1st appetizer: Smoked Salmon on Blinis Serves 4-6 Ingredients blinis (you can easily make your own, but they have super tasty ones at the migros) smoked salmon (be sure to check out it is environmental friendly) honey 1 pot of sour cream or yoghurt parsley [...]

DIY rosewater lip balm

17-11-16|Health & Nutrition, Infos, Recipes|

Winter being right on time and already quite chilly, we have to take care of our skin more than ever. Always on the lookout for new organic beauty products, we decided to create our own ;) To do so we found an awesome DIY blog GIMME SOME OVEN and we fell in love with their DIY ROSEWATER LIP BALM. So here we are in the Fit ‘n’ Tasty super kitchen trying to make it ourselves by following their recipe!     To do it you’ll need: 3 Tbsp. olive oil 2 Tbsp. sunflower seed oil (or you can substitute an additional 2 Tbsp. olive oil [...]

Lemon blueberry loaf cake

02-11-16|Infos, Recipes|

Sometimes you feel like having the perfect afternoon treat for you, your kids, or your friends. Here is a delicious, healthy and full of goodness lemon and blueberry cake. It would warm anyone’s heart. Inspired by the Sprouted kitchen’s blog Ingredients: 3/4 cup colza oil or coconut oil, melted 1 cup brown sugar 3 eggs, room temperature 1 tsp. vanilla extract 2 tbsp. lemon zest 1 pinch of salt 1 cup plain yogurt 1/4 cup lemon juice 2 cups flower (or any gluten free flower will work) 1 c.s. baking powder 1 cup blueberries, [...]

Your pudding in a jar

19-10-16|Infos, Recipes|

Who ever felt like they didn’t have time to eat their breakfast properly at home? Or that they wanted to do some exercise and enjoy a nice breakfast while going to work in the train or simply at work. We thought about it and our own solution is to have breakfast in a jar. Easy to take with you. Ready in no time and as healthy as cucumber sticks. Yummy.   For one nice pudding you need : 1 super cool jar 3 tbsp. of chia seeds ½ a cup of oats ½ a cup of almond milk or yoghurt (depends [...]

Easy Lunch box to take with you

06-10-16|Infos, Recipes|

Have you ever felt the urge of eating something cold but still filling and homemade for lunch? We did! But home to make it interesting and practical for more than just one day? We introduce you the mix and remix salad…     You’ll need: 1 1/2 cup of quinoa or 300gr of pastas of your choice a selection of different fruits and veggies for each days you’ll eat this salad:   1st day: 1 avocado 1tomato 1 onion   2nd day: feta cheese 1/3 cucumber 6 cherry tomatoes   3rd day: 1beetroot 1apple 1avocado   For the sauce : olive [...]

Healthy snackbars turned into homemade granola

22-09-16|Infos, Recipes|

Who doesn’t love snacking? Often lead to unhealthy crisps or way to sugary snack bars we never really know what to eat to stay healthy and yet cut that appetite before dinner. Healthy moms have found the solutions for their kids to eat healthy no matter what. SO why can’t we use that same solution? We introduce you the healthy granolas (at first it was an attempt to make snackbars but my recipe turned to be excellent for granolas, not snackbars). Made in no time and super tasty! Ingredients 1 cup of oats or quinoa flakes if you want to [...]

Moringa Powder in recipes

25-08-16|Infos, Recipes|

Recently we just acquired a new superfood; the Moringa powder. It is a great energy booster and has many different health benefits. And there are also many ways to use it.   In Salads: You can sprinkle it on top of a tomato mozzarella salad or just plain lettuce as well. You won’t feel the difference in taste, but your body will.   In cooked meals: As long as you don’t cook it, as it diminishes its nutrients, you can sprinkle it on top of any dishes. It’s always super good on any curry dish.   In Juices: Make your smoothies like you [...]

Homemade avocado mask

21-08-16|Health & Nutrition, Infos, Recipes|

Who doesn’t love to take the time to pamper our body and face? AT Fit ‘n’ Tasty we try to do it as often as we can ;) And here is our own homemade avocado face mask. You might already know that we are avocado lovers ;-) For a radiant skin and super soft try to do this mask every 2 weeks. Best part you’ll have half of the avocado left to eat it ! YUM ! You’ll need : ½ of an avocado 2 TBSP of honey 1 TBSP of brown granulated sugar (to add a scrubby feeling to it)   How to do [...]

Pineapple slices topped with chocolate

28-07-16|Infos, Recipes|

As easy as saying hello ;-) Always on the hunt for new recipes, I stumbled upon this one on instagram, It looked delicious and it’s perfect for a healthy snack. And kids love it too !   Ingredients  1 pineapple 200gr of dark chocolate 1 handful of coconut powder 1 handful of chopped almonds Preparation 1.Peel your pineapple and cut it into thick slices. 2.Melt your chocolate in a pan gently. When melted pour it on top of the pineapple slices with a spoon. I’d rather do it on one side so you can enjoy different flavours. 3.Drizzle it to make it [...]

The famous instagram “Tartines”

13-07-16|Infos, Recipes|

Have you ever tried those amazing tartines we see on instagram nowadays? The most popular food bloggers are starting their day with that special French touch ;-) At Fit ‘n’ Tasty we are tartines lovers too, usually eating the famous avocado and cream cheese one, we decided to write an easy recipe on how to make those fabulous little, but filling meal. Ingredients (makes 6 tartines): (you can vary them based on what you have in your fridge and the seasons) Cream cheese / sour cream Banana Avocado Strawberries Cashew nuts Blueberries Tomatoes Basil Salt and pepper A loaf of bread / [...]

Healthy summer popsicles

29-06-16|Infos, Recipes|

This summer we are all about healthy, just like all year long ;-) How to find something that is super fresh but not as heavy as an ice cream? We introduce you: POPSICLES. They are the solution for you. Fruits and veggies reduced to purée, juice or small bits then transformed into awesome ice creams that are in fact called popsicles. No sugars, additives added. Pure fruit and water, YUM !     As always we found awesome inspiration on BUZZFEED. You might want to go check it out ;) Especially these Berry POPS!!!   And here’s our own FIT ‘N’ [...]

The super AVOCADO and its health benefits

16-06-16|Health & Nutrition, Infos, Recipes|

The avocado, this mystic fruit with colours that would turn any green English garden grey, is making us happy since the beginning of times. It is getting more and more popular, the avocado is now under every spotlight on every instagram account and it is the main ingredient to many of our healthy recipes. BUT WHY?     Even though it is quite rich in fatty acids, the avocado ahs many good nutrients. Such as Omega-3, potassium and has a high level of monounsaturated fat (that helps with weight loss, yay!) Rich in fibres it is your ally against constipation. [...]

Our take away fruity water

13-06-16|Infos, Recipes|

Summer is finally here! We are proudly walking under the sun with our new dress, pair of sunglasses and ginormous hat. But do we drink enough? Our parents always told us to stay hydrated. The problem is how to drink something that is super tasty and not just plain water? Don’t worry! We found the perfect solution for you, fruity water! It’s as simple as saying hello and we’re about to give you tips on how to make your own fruit infused water to start the day fresh and finish it still as cool as a cucumber ;-) To begin: you [...]

Rhubarb and raspberries muffins

04-05-16|Infos, Recipes|

Inspired by all the nice and fresh ingredients spring has brought us, we couldn't ignore the one and only mystic RHUBARB. We were on a hunt for a good and tasty recipe to change our habits. We stumbled upon this amazing blog called FOODESS and we fell in love with Jennifer Pallian's recipe. With a little twist we made it and loved it. My sister already baked it again for a friend's party and they adored it too. Will you give it a go?      Raspberry-Rhubarb Muffins Prep time: 20 mins Cook time: 28 mins Serves: 20 muffins Ingredients 2 cups flour ¾ cup [...]

Ben & Jerry’s launch dairy free, vegan ice cream

12-04-16|Infos, Recipes|

Your dream of one day being able to eat more than banana nice-cream (yep, that actually is a thing) has just come true thanks to Ben & Jerry’s. The ice-cream giant recently  launched a line of vegan-certified ice cream by reworking some of their favourite flavours into dairy-free alternatives. Apparently they spent 12 months of experimenting to get the flavours right, but now they are finally ready. The ice-creams are made with almond milk instead of normal milk and have been getting loads of media attention ever since their lunch. Take a look: But before you get too excited, the [...]

Frozen vegan cheesecake

21-03-16|Infos, Recipes|

This week’s great recipe comes from the blog Minimalist baker, we were on the lookout for a great healthy version of the cheesecake and when we stumbled upon their recipe we could not NOT try it. So here is the recipe and how we did it. It is 100% vegan, and it will amaze your friends who usually think vegan people eat carrots only ;-) We loved it and hope you will too. Preparation Time : 1h30 Start the night before as you have to soak some ingredients and let the cheesecake rest for about 4-6 hours ! Serves 12 [...]


21-03-16|Infos, Recipes|

Our Fit 'n' Tasty ambassador Vic from Sailing Through Fitness presents: vegan pear stuffed matcha crepes. They are the perfect Sunday brunch recipe for when you are trying to impress your non-vegan friends. Who said vegans live off carrot sticks!?   Ingredients (makes 6-7 crepes) 2 tbsp grounded flax seeds 6 tbsp water 2 cups soy milk ½ cup coconut milk 1 ½ cups oat flour 1 tbsp matcha powder 1 tsp. spirulina 1 tbsp maple syrup Coconut oil (for cooking) Ingredients for pear filling: 1 medium pear ½ cup water ½ tbsp. maple syrup 1 vanilla pod 1 tsp. cardamom   [...]

Fat meals to healthy ones

29-02-16|Health & Nutrition, Infos, Recipes|

Now more than ever we all want to eat healthy. Find the perfect dishes to cook for ourselves our family and friends. But how would you tell your son that you are replacing his regular burger with a veggie one? Or tell your husband that the thursday's pizza will be replaced by healthy focaccia? We found THE solution for you! Plenty of bloggers and cooks questionned themselves to find a solution to turn fattening dishes into healthy ones. It is with great joy that we are giving you 5 recipes of transformed dishes that will be as tasty as beautiful. [...]