Naturally healthy

We developed our juices with the main goal to get the freshest and healthiest drinks. This means:

  • a natural selection of the richest fruits and vegetables,
  • a slow cold-press technique which is the closest you can get to biting directly in that fruit or vegetable
  • and no other alteration except our love!

All our juices are homemade with an original mix you will not find anywhere else!

Ingredients of the highest quality

Our fruits & vegetables are locally sourced in our region (Romandie – Switzerland), maybe even from the farmers closest to you ! We work with local cooperatives for sourcing. The produce comes straight from the ground to our kitchen, giving our juices the best taste. Most fruits and vegetables we use have the IP-Suisse label, which garanties a very good quality.

We receive fresh products every morning, which are then washed, cold-pressed and directly bottled. Unlike some other brands, we say no to conservatives of any kind and refuse to heat-pasteurize our juices. What you see is what you get.




We prefer to closely with local farmers from Suisse Romande and other regions in Switzerland in order to offer you the freshest fruit and vegetables 


Across Switzerland

We deliver across Switzerland by Express Post Services. Your order arrives in the morning before 9 am, the day of your choice!


We use the X1 Cold Press Juicer from Pomeroy Equipment (Good Nature) to get the best possible cold pressed juices. It’s a cold-pressed method that, compared to traditional juicers, preserves a maximum of nutrients, minerals and enzymes as no heat is applied.


Our programs come with a complete guide including tips and tricks for before, during and after the cleanse. If it is your first time detoxing, no worries, we are there along the way and you can always contact us for help or questions.