Terms of Use of Fit ‘n’ Tasty 

Fresh Roots SARL (Fit ‘n’ Tasty)
5 chemin du bocage
1066 Epalinges (VD)  – Suisse
tel : +41 78 847 11 56
IDE/UID: CHE-379.467.262

These general sales conditions apply to all products offered by Fresh Roots SARL (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Fitntasty”) on the online store listed on the website as fitntasty.ch (named “the website). By placing an order online or by phone, the customer fully agrees to the following terms and conditions of the sale.

1. Product information

Each product proposed on the website is subject to a presentation indicating its name, composition and price. Photos and product information presented on the website are not contractual. In case of discrepancy between the product information and the photos and the actual product(s) selected by the Customer, Fit ’n’ Tasty will not be held responsible.

Fit ‘n’ Tasty reserves the right to change its products composition depending on the risks linked to product supplies and/or under precautionary principle.

The products are enclosed in special packaging in order to respect the cold chain life during transportation from the production site to the delivery address.

2. Order process

2.1 Orders 

All orders must be placed on the website no later than two business days before the first delivery. Any order made on the website must be entered and validated by the Customer. The Customer will ensure to provide Fit ‘n’ Tasty with accurate and valid contact information details. Once validated by the Customer, the confirmation concludes the sales contract.

The Customer also has the opportunity to place an order over the phone indicated at the bottom right of the website (from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 6 pm). The order will then be entered on the website by a member of Fit ‘n’ Tasty, according to the Customer’s information. The information should be the exact contact information (name of the customer, billing and delivery address and a phone number) in order to confirm the order and properly conclude the sales contract. The Customer will ensure himself of the accuracy of the order and the contact details. Any error or delay will not be attributed to Fit’n’Tasty.

3. Pricing

Once the order is confirmed, the prices are set. On the website, prices may be modified without previous notice. They are subject to revision based on the price of seasonal and economic conditions. A change of prices on the website cannot be applied retroactively to an already finalized order.

4. Changes-Cancellations

An order can be canceled or modified by email while respecting the minimum period of 2 working days before delivery. After this period, the order cannot be canceled. Given the perishable nature of the products, orders in progress or delivered cannot be returned or exchanged. An order cannot be refused on delivery. An administration fee of 20.00 will be charged before reimbursement.

5. Terms of Payment

5.1 The amount

The prices on the product catalog and the delivery costs are in Swiss francs (CHF) and are quoted including all taxes (VAT), the VAT rate being the one in force on the date of the order, currently set at 2.5%.

5.2 The settlement options

Regardless of the settlement method, payments are done in Swiss francs CHF. The Customer is required to specify and respect its payment method during the order.

5.2.1 Payment by bank or postal transfer 

The only accepted payments are by bank transfer, postal or through PayPal (using a PayPal account or with a credit. card). The payment must be confirmed before the first delivery. If not, Fit’n’Tasty reserves the right to not deliver the order. The transfer should be made either from the Customer’s bank, e-banking, or by post joint with a red BVR to fill out. The red BVR of the Post must mention the UBS account number (80-2-2), the name of the recipient, as well as the IBAN.

5.3 The invoice

Fit’n’Tasty systematically emails a copy of the invoice to the Customer according to its billing information.

6. Delivery

Deliveries are strictly limited to Switzerland and Liechtenstein and follow the time slot indicated on the website. However Fit’n’Tasty cannot guarantee that the delivery will be effected within the timeframe indicated on the website should there be unexpected traffic or other delay causes. Shipping fees are billed to the Customer in accordance to the rate of delivery of Fit’n’Tasty. The Customer should be present in the time frame he/she has chosen to receive the delivery. The customer must provide Fit’n’Tasty with the necessary information to enable a successful delivery (building code, …). Shall the Customer be unable to make it during the hours of delivery; the driver will leave the order at the door or in the mailbox in an insulated box. In this case, the products will be considered as delivered to the Customer and Fit’n’Tasty takes the right to charge the Customer for the products that have been delivered. Fit’n’Tasty will no compensate or reimburse the Customer if the delivery has been damaged or stolen after being delivered to the place indicated by the customer.

The insulated box will keep the products fresh up to 3 hours after delivery. Thus, the Customer is required to come and collect the box no later than 3 hours after the delivery. Once the Customer has recuperated the box, he/she shall immediately place the products in the refrigerator.

The client has the option to change its delivery address up to 24 hours before delivery date by sending an email to info@fitntasty.ch or by contacting by phone with the number indicated at the bottom right of the website. Fit’n’Tasty reserves the rights to refuse the new delivery location.

In case of bad weather or extraordinary traffic problems, Fit’n’Tasty reserves the right to move the delivery days without any compensation by notifying the client by phone one hour before the delivery.

7. Consumption

The products delivered by Fit’n’Tasty should be consumed according to the expiration date written on the bottle or mentionned during the order made online and within 2 days after the opening of the bottles. Once the products are delivered, the Customer should respect juice preservation conditions.

8. Health and Nutrition

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a serious illness, you should not be consuming Fit’n’Tasty products. If you are following any medical treatment, we advise you to consult a doctor before ordering our products. The Customer is requested to indicate any physical condition, allergies or illnesses to the Fit’n’Tasty team when ordering or by email to info@fitntasty.ch (as it could have an impact on the Fit’n’Tasty program). Fit’n’Tasty’s goal is to support Customers to pursue a balanced and healthy life style. However the program cannot replace the services provided by health professionals and nutritionists. The program content includes informative literature on healthy diets and nutrition, but it does not replace the advices and diagnoses of a doctor or nutritionist. Fit’n’Tasty regrets to inform its customer that they cannot deliver products to customers suffering from allergies with risks of anaphylactic shocks. In addition, Fit’n’Tasty uses products with nuts and therefore cannot accept Customers allergic to nuts or derivatives. The order shall be denied to any Customer suffering from nut allergies or derivatives. In general, Fit’n’Tasty cannot be held responsible for an allergic reaction and its consequences on the client. In any cases, the client failed to inform the Fit’n’Tasty team of his/her allergies or did not notice he /she was allergic to Fit’n’Tasty products at the time of the order.

Fit’n’Tasty wishes to inform its clients that given the nature of the products, Fit’n’Tasty cannot guarantee the absence of allergenic food traces as some products are prepared in advance and used in the making of the final product. Therefore there’s always a risk of contamination while preparing the products.

9. Complaints

9.1 Delivery 

The Customer shall immediately insure himself that the products delivered are the ones he/she ordered.   In case of non-compliance, product defect or missing products, the Client must precisely inform Fit’n’Tasty by email at info@fitntasty.ch the day of the delivery. Only products that have experienced damages such as open products, torn, dented or if questioning the freshness due to a damaged package will be taken into account. In this case, the Customer will obtain a voucher equivalent to the value of the damaged products and should use it within the next 12 months following the complaint excluding any other compensation for damages. For health and safety reasons, perishable food cannot be returned or exchanged. The claim period for all orders is of 3 days.

9.2 The billing 

Any problems regarding the billing of an order must be notified to Fit’n’Tasty with 8 days from the receipt date of the invoice, otherwise it will be considered as accepted.  For any difficulties or further information the Customer is invited to contact Fit’n’Tasty by phone to the contact number (indicated at the bottom right of the site, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 18 pm) or email at the following address info@Fitntasty.ch.

10. Prohibition on resale

Resale of products to third parties is strictly prohibited.

11. Protection of minors 

As part of compliance with laws protecting the youth and prohibiting the sale of wine and beer to minors under 16 years old and that of spirits, aperitifs and alcopops to young people under 18, the driver may require the Client to submit an ID.

12. Data protection

By enabling the creation of a client account, the customer tacitly agrees to receive promotional information from Fit’n’Tasty. Customers may unsubscribe at any time by accessing their accounts. Fit’n’Tasty reserves the right to use the data provided by the Customer in the greatest confidentiality for statistical analysis.

13. Liability and warranty

The Fit’n’Tasty programs aim to achieve getting fit and back in shape. However, this program depends on the overall health of the customer and other factors such as the client’s lifestyle, physical activity and his/her overall psychological state of mind. Consequently, Fit’n’Tasty is not obliged to meet the client’s goals when the order is taken.

Unless proven otherwise, Fit’n’Tasty cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from internet usage surch as data loss, intrusion, virus, failure error or fraudulent bank card uses.

Moreover, Fit’n’Tasty is not liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by the client, such as non-compliance with product conservation conditions.

14. Force majeure

Fit’n’Tasty can free itself from its obligation or suspend its execution if Fit’n’Tasty finds itself unable to execute the order in case of force majeure (war, riots, demonstrations, exceptional climate conditions, disaster affecting the facilities of its institutions…), without giving rise to any compensation to the Customer.

15. Changes

Fit’n’Tasty reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. In this case, the conditions applied will be those of the date order by the Customer.

16. Copyright

The texts, images, photographs and logos on the website are Fit’n’Tasty’s property. Reproduction in whole or in part, is subject to authorization.

17. Applicable law

Swiss law applies to these terms of use.

18. Jurisdiction

If no amicable settlement could be reached, any dispute arising from the interpretation or execution of the contract subject to these conditions of sales (terms of use) will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Canton of Lausanne, subject to appeal to the federal tribunal.