Vitamin and nutrient-packed juices and shots to boost your partners and teams wellbeing

Our products range

Choose from our wide range of juices, shots, almond drinks and soups, or from our corporate bestsellers.

Almond Shake, Fresh Eden

Our super juice packs

Juices specially designed to provide a maximum of nutrients. To drink daily or as juice fasting program.

Matcha Shot

Our shots

Energizing shots to give your team extra kick and bring them the benefits of ginger, pomegranate and spirulina.

Fit Soup

Our soups

Enjoy our range of delicious Fit ’n’ Tasty soups, with the real taste of vegetables, 100% natural and home-made.

Orange juice

Our vitamins-packed juices

A set of vitamin-packed fruit juices, freshly squeezed to start the day in top shape.

How does it work?

Tailored: We design the offer that best suits your needs and your budget (the use of your brand on labels is possible and to be discussed individually).

Delivery by us: We deliver directly to your business or at home. All your partners or employees have to do is enjoy!

No commitment needed: Ask for a one-time offer or a regular delivery. The choice is yours!

Kale Juice
Sweet beet juice

Why Fit ‘n’ Tasty?

The message: You want to offer an original and useful gift. Caring and durability are key for you: Our Fit ‘n’ Tasty juices, fresh, vitamin-packed and locally produced, are perfect.

Energy boost: A pleasure gift that reboosts your teams? Not only do you motivate them, but you also provide them with the nutrients they need to stay focused and in great shape!

High quality: Fit ‘n’ Tasty juices are made from fruits and vegetables, without preservatives or added sugar. They are not pasteurized in order to preserve their nutritional values.

It has never been this important to create a bond as it is in this period. And what could be better than offering wellness in a bottle!