What is cold pressing?

Cold pressing is a method of juicing where the juice is extracted by pressing instead of grinding. When blended or grinded with a traditional centrifugal or extractor machine, heat is added and the products are exposed to air, causing the fruits and veggies to oxidise and degrade.

With a cold press machine however, the products remain unheated, and keep all vital nutrients, minerals and enzymes. This extraction method is the best of the best! In fact, research shows that cold press juicers like the one we use retain double the nutrients to its centrifugal counterparts.

It is the closest thing to raw, pure fruits and vegetables, and enables you to consume a large amount of nutrients that you would otherwise not be able to eat.



The benefits of cold pressed juices



Maximum nutriment

Natural fruit sugars, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and other vital elements are extracted gently and completely.



No oxidation

Minimal exposure to air due to which oxidation of raw ingredients is very slow.



Longer-lasting freshness

 Shelf life is naturally longer although  our juices do not have any preservatives



No high temperatures

Raw juices are not pasteurized at high temperatures and hence, retains the nutrients.



Easy-to-absorb goodness

Our cold-pressed juices are rich with easy-to-absorb vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes.



Preservation of nutrients

Unlike household juicers, the process generates no heat and hence the original nutrients are preserved in the juices.