To anyone who is used to do cleanses, fasting and so on, and even for people who’d like to try we have a super duper news. You can use our juices as a basis to light cocktails! To make it even tastier you can add a slice of fruit or two. Summer being right on time we can’t wait for you to try these out! And feel free to make your own version ;-)



For 2 glas

You need:

1 fuel me juice (250ml)

a few slices of fresh orange

1 spoonful of honey

2-3 spoonful of Gin (depending on how strong you like it, Hendrick’s Gin is perfect)

Ice cubes


First, you’ll create a simple syrup with the honey. Combine equal parts honey and boiling water. Stir well. Jar and refrigerate the syrup. In a cocktail shaker combine half of the juice, one spoonful of your honey simple syrup, and two spoonful of gin. Shake well and strain into a glass of fresh ice. Garnish with one orange wedge. (if you don’t have a shaker just mix all the ingredients together in a jar, shake it and add a few ice cubes at the bottom of your cocktail, still fantastic)

2nd: BEET IT!

For 2 glass

You need:

½ a bottle of beet the stress juice (125ml)

½ a bottle of fuel me juice (125ml)

2 spoonful of Hennessy VS (Cognac)

a splash of agave syrup

slice of raw beetroot or lemon

Ice cubes


Firstly you’ll mix half of each juice in a jar or a cocktail shaker, taste it and adapt the quantity of the fuel me (if you like it more gingery)

Add the agave syrup and the spoonful of Hennessy. Shake it well, strain into a glass of fresh ice. Add the beetroot slice on top and you are good to go!


For 2 glass

You need:

-1 deep clean bottle (250ml)

-1 lemon

-a few slices of cucumber

-1 spoonful of tequila

-1 spoonful of Cointreau



Juice half of the lemon and mix it with the juice in a shaker. Add the tequila and the Cointreau and shake well. Poor it in a glass with a few ice cubes, add the cucumber slices and voilà!


For 2 glass

You need:

-1 pimp me up bottle (250ml)

-2 spoonful of gin (sometimes we switch it with tequila)

-a few slices of orange

-ice cubes


In a shaker pour the juice, the gin and the first slices of orange. Shake well and poor it in a glass with a few ice cubes. Add other orange slices to your cocktail and voilà!