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It’s all in the fruits and vegetables

Juice fasting with fruit and vegetable juices can help absorb the vitamins and minerals essential to contribute to the normal functioning of the body. The effects of the vitamins and minerals in these juices won’t take long to be felt: reduced fatigue, maintenance of normal skin and a normal energy metabolism.

The best source of nutrients our bodies need is simply fresh fruit and vegetables. With the right tools, know-how and skill, the perfect combination for a healthier metabolism and vitality can be extracted from these sources.

Why do we need to fast?

Think of juice fasting as a way of pressing the “Restart” button on your system. It gives you a chance to get back to your roots, relax and focus on the important things in life. Our fresh fruits and vegetables are locally sourced whenever possible and cold-pressed in order to extract the most vitamins and minerals possible. This way we guarantee you juice fasting of the highest quality that will jump start your health like no other store-bought juice can.

Not only will you feel much better after the fast, you will also most likely have the strength to stick to healthy eating habits. Now that’s a win-win!

Think of it as giving your body a vacation; the more, the better. Instead of being reactive, be preventative and take charge over your wellbeing before any symptoms can even arise.

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When to do a juice fasting and for how long?

The frequency depends entirely on your current diet, health and exercise regime. We suggest either a 1 – day program weekly or a 3 – day program every month. Think about your current lifestyle and see whatever fits best into your schedule. If you are fasting for longer, choose a stress-free time where you can focus on yourself and don’t have to attend any major social events.

Are you pregnant or breast-feeding? Juice fasting and other forms of fasting are not recommended. It’s best to wait until the end of pregnancy and breast-feeding before doing fasting and before changing your eating habits. However, these juices are an ideal addition to your diet during this particularly demanding phase.

What if I want to lose weight?

During the juice fasting program, you don’t consume any solid foods, so there’s a good chance you’ll lose weight, but you also run the risk of putting it back on quickly once you return to your previous eating habits.

However, juice fasting is regularly recommended by nutritionists to help you change your eating habits and adapt to a healthier diet.

So fasting recharges your batteries and is an excellent way to kickstart your new, balanced lifestyle. To help you in this phase, here are our 10 rules to health!

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Tips to enjoy juice fasting

In order to obtain the best results and enjoy fasting, we recommend phasing out all animal products, sugar, grains, coffee, soda, alcohol and cigarettes at least three days before the start of your program . Do not say goodbye to solid foods with a steak and martini the night before, you will regret it for sure! Once you have ordered our program, you will receive a detailed guide that explains precisely what to do in the different phases of your fast in order to have the best possible experience. During the juice fasting, you need to drink, drink and drink lots of water, which will help you avoid possible headaches.