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Our various products are all fresh, natural, rich in vitamin & nutrients. Our cold-pressed, never heated juices, almond shake and shots, as well as our Natural Boost soups will bring you one step closer to good long term health. Pick your selection for a fresh start and choose the delivery date next!

100% natural    Swiss Made    Cold pressed    Never heated    Superfoods    Express delivery

  • Available by the unit, in duo or in packs

  • Juices & almond shake 2.5 dl – Shots 0.65 dl – Soups 0.33 dl

  • Shelf life of 7 days minimum (thanks to cold pasteurization)

  • Express delivery at home or at work, in cold stored boxes

Super juices

Our signature juices. The ones we started with and who will always be the must. Pick what you need for your fresh intake of fruits and vegetables or create your own juicing-program. Those juices have been specially formulated to fit into a juice fasting or on a daily basis to add the essential nutrients you need along the day.

Ginger shots

Get your daily boost with our fresh fruits and vegetables shots. The perfect concentrate of energy to kick your day the right way!

Almond Shake

An artisanal almond shake with a touch of cinnamon, vanilla and maple syrup, for a guaranteed explosion of flavour!

Natural Boost Soups

A healthy alternative for winter meals, soup is ideal for warming up and enjoying the benefits of vegetables. And ours are 100% natural, homemade and boosted with our signature blend of carefully concocted superfoods that make all the difference. The aim? To give our soups a real edge in addition to the delicious real taste of vegetables.

Healthy snacks

Boost your juice fasting or your day with our healthy snacks! 100% natural, vegan, no added sugar, our snacks are the perfect buddy for our juices or almond shake!

  • sukari dates – raw cocoa – almonds – flax seeds – nibs

    • Vegan energy balls with cacao
    • Ideal healthy snack
    • Mix of protein, fiber and omega 3

    CHF 4.90

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  • dates – raw cocoa – almonds – peanut butter – gluten free oats – peanut.

    • Energy balls with peanut butter & roasted peanuts
    • Vegan & gluten-free
    • Loaded with superfoods

    CHF 4.90

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  • sukari dates – almonds – flax seeds – coconut flour – grated coconut

    • Energy balls with coconut
    • The perfect healthy treat
    • No refined sugar

    CHF 4.90

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We deliver your products to your home. How does it work?

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1. Choose your products

We have several fasting programs, juices, shots and soups to suit your needs! What will it be? Your choice!

2. Schedule the delivery at your convenient time

Have your products delivered 48 hours after your order or choose the date that suits you! They are delivered to your doorstep, in a box with ice to maintain freshness.

3. Find your products at your doorstep and rate us

Once you have received your products, please place them all directly in the fridge. Feel free to write feedback on Google, this kind of thing really helps local businesses like us!