Natural Boost Soups

A healthy alternative for winter meals, soup is ideal for warming up and enjoying the benefits of vegetables. And ours are 100% natural, homemade and boosted with our signature blend of carefully concocted superfoods that make all the difference. The aim? To give our soups a real edge in addition to the delicious real taste of vegetables.

100% natural    Swiss Made    Superfoods    Express delivery

  • Available in duo or in packs

  • Shelf life of 7 days minimum (thanks to cold pasteurization)

  • Express delivery at home or at work, in cold stored boxes

Sets of two

No time to cook but want to eat healthy and homemade? It’s possible with our 2-packs that will make your life easier! Recipes created for their nutritional benefits. A mix of superfoods (such as spirulina, pumpkin seeds or alfalfa….) developed to give you a real natural health boost. Eat well while lightening your body and mind.

Packs of super soups

Have you given your body too much lately? Then our soup packs are for you. The Boost Soup is rich in vegetable proteins to fill you up, the Fit Soup is particularly low in calories and fat, while the Balance Soup with butternut combines comfort and harmony.

Why is soup healthy for you?

  • Packed with nutrients, it provides plenty of vitamins and minerals
  • Low in calorie (Fit Soup), low fat ( Balance Soup)

  • Satiating, because it contains vegetable fibres that swell in the stomach and reduce the feeling of hunger

  • Hydrating, thanks to its water content

Soups autumn

“These healthy and nutrient-rich soups are ideal for those looking for
a light, ready-to-use and, of course, homemade meal.”

Wendy Vanhonacker, Founder

Wendy from Fit 'n' Tasty

They talk about our soups

“I’m running around, so my solution to eating healthy, good and fast: Fit ‘n’ Tasty soups. My saviours when I don’t have time to cook. Plus it’s seasonal, it’s delicious, it’s Swiss!”

review byenico

@byenico, December 2022

“Yum++++! Honestly the best soups I have ever tasted. And I’m also a fan of their ginger shots, I often take them before I go to the gym or in the morning to replace coffee.”

review dearcarotte

@dearcarotte, November 2022

“1/4 yearly juice & soup fasting. Always love doing it to give my body a little rest and detox. Also great for vitamins and antioxydants for those upcoming colder months. Love that Fit ‘n’ Tasty offers fasting with a mix of juices AND soups. All super tasty, clean & fresh mmh!”

review nadia damaso

@nadiadamaso_December 2022

We deliver your fasting program to your home. How does it work?


1. Choose your fasting program

We have several programs to suit your needs! Will it be juices, a mix of juices & soups? Your choice!

2. Schedule the delivery at your convenient time

Have it delivered 48 hours after your order or choose the date that suits you! Your juice or soup fasting program is delivered to your doorstep, in a box with ice to maintain freshness.

3. Find your order at your doorstep and rate us

Once you have received your fasting program, please place all products directly in the fridge. Feel free to write feedback on Google, this kind of thing really helps local businesses like us!