What is cold pasteurization ?

Cold pasteurization,  also called HPP (High-Pressure Processing), maintains the goodness of the fruit and vegetables in our juices and means that they are safe to drink as well as completely natural.
During this process, our bottles experience a pressure that is seven times deeper than the deepest known part of the ocean. Pathogens can’t survive in such high-pressure environments and become deactivated but all essential nutrients remain.
Unlike conventional preservation methods such as pasteurization, the juice isn’t compromised by heat of any kind ensuring that it stays All Good Not Bad.

The benefits of cold pasteurized juices



Never heated

The ingredients are never heated which means that a maximum of nutrients and vitamins are saved.



Natural Process

High Pressure Processing is a natural, environmentally friendly process that respects the ingredient.


Extends products shelf life

For your convenience, all our cold pasteurised juices have a longer shelf life (of about 20 days) which helps you plan and organise your cleanse or daily routine more easily!



No more chemical treatments

It is a real alternative to traditional thermal and chemical treatments.



High in flavour and nutrients

 It helps maintain the fresh food characteristics like flavour and nutrients.