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A juice fasting gives your digestive system a break. You give your body the opportunity to reduce fatigue, reduce oxidative stress and contribute to the normal functioning of your immune system. Have more energy and maintain a healthy lifestyle thanks to our fasting programs.

We recommend that you cut out alcohol, processed foods, excess salt, white flour and bread products a couple of days before the program and load up on fresh fruits and veggies. You should also avoid eating meat, fish or dairy products the day before you start fasting. This will make the transition a lot easier and help to start the process.
Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive a guide in your confirmation email with all this information explained in detail. We recommend that you print out and read this guide carefully, so that you are well prepared for fasting.

In order to keep all the vitamins and nutrients of our wonderful fruits and vegetables as much as possible, the juices are freshly cold pressed and we use the innovative high pressure processing (HPP) without heat. In this way, the juices have a shelf life of minimum 7 days when you receive them, you can find the shelf life indicated on the bottle.

This is totally up to you, and will depend on your current level of health and your goals. Just remember that our programs are no quick fix and a transition to a healthy lifestyle takes time!

The longer the fasting, the more intense your experience will be and the more time your body has to take advantage of the benefits. However, listen to your body. If you are new to these programs, we recommend you to start with 3 days. You can always increase to 5 days once you feel more comfortable. We advise you to plan your fasting ahead and avoid it during stressful times or holidays where you are surrounded by food or have dinner dates to go on.

This is a personal decision. Many people do a juice fasting with the changing of the season or when they feel that they have less energy. With today’s stressful lifestyle, you may opt to fast more regularly. Regardless of whether you fast for 5 days once every 3 months or for 1 day once every two weeks, your body will thank you.

Simply select the products you wish to order and go through the checkout process which will request your delivery details and program choice. It’s easy and quick! You need more information? Call us at +41 21 544 16 36 or send us an email to info@fitntasty.ch

You can group requests into one order if you have the same delivery address and if you start fasting the same day. Otherwise, we suggest that you place your orders separately.

Payment is made by credit card, TWINT or Paypal.

With Paypal, you will be able to pay using an existing Paypal account, or using a credit card (you don’t need a Paypal account).

It takes 2 days (excluding weekends) between the time you place your order and the earliest possible reception of this order. We deliver from Tuesday to Saturday and you can select the delivery date of your choice in the checkout. For example, if you order on Sunday (until midnight) the earliest possible delivery date will be Tuesday.

We recommend that you do not start fasting on the same day of delivery, but rather on the following day or within the shelf life of your juices to avoid stress in case of rare delays of the post.

If you would like to cancel your order, please contact us by mail or phone, indicating your name and order number. Cancelation is possible up to 48 hours before the planned delivery.

We deliver across Switzerland.

Your order will be delivered by the Swiss Post from Tuesday to Saturday the date of your choice. In the cart you can choose between 2 delivery options: Priority Shipping and Express moon. If you choose Priority Shipping delivery will take place between 7 and 5 pm, for Express moon between 7 and 9:30 am the date of your choice. The postman leaves the box in front of your door or in your letterbox. He or she might not always ring at the door if it’s too early.

If you can’t find the parcel, please check the area around your house or building before contacting us.

Once you’ve received the parcel, put the products in a fridge as soon as possible and check the expiration date (you’ll need to plan to finish them within the allotted days – we guarantee a minimum of 7 days’ shelf life).

Have you ordered a juice fasting program? We recommend that you start fasting the day after delivery, so you can enjoy your first juice as soon as you get out of bed!

Your juices are produced from fresh products for which the respect of the cold chain is essential. This is why it is important to put your juices in the fridge upon receipt. If you are not at home at the time of the delivery, the postman will deposit your order in front of your door or in the mailbox. The products should then be put into the fridge as soon as possible.

Don’t worry, there is a solution for every problem. Here are some instructions if you have not received your package:

1.Please make sure that the case has not already been dropped off without your knowledge (the Post is used to not ringing the bell and to dropping the packages in the proximity of the mailboxes, sometimes in front of the door of your house or your building).

2.You should have received an email or sms from the Post with your tracking number. You can track the package by clicking directly on the link in the email (or by going to their website) and entering your tracking number. Here are the possible situations:

  • Package in progress / Loading in the vehicle: Please be patient, the mailman is probably running a little late. You can contact the post customer service directly to have more information on the expected delivery time.
  • Package delivered: The package is marked as delivered. If you didn’t find it, it also happens that some kind neighbors pick it up without telling you, you might want to check with them. Last but not least, the package was scanned as “delivered” before the mailman actually arrived, but he should be here soon. If the package cannot be found, you can contact us, mentioning your Fit ‘n’ Tasty order number and post tracking number.
  • Package in error of delivery: It means unfortunately that the package may not be delivered today due to an error from the Post. Please contact us by email, indicating your Fit ‘n’ Tasty order number and the tracking number. We will do a follow-up with them. Fortunately, this is an exceptional case.

3) Thank you for your patience, the carriers are doing their best to deliver you as soon as possible

Our products can be kept in the box without problem until the end of the day, thanks to the ice packs. A delay is therefore accepted and does not threaten the quality of the products.

For people who have ordered a fast :

We always recommend that you start the day following the delivery. This will allow you to start fasting in the best conditions, as soon as you wake up.
If you had planned to start on the same day, you can wait with an herbal tea, a home-pressed juice (of fruits and vegetables) or crunch a raw vegetable or fruit (cucumber, apple, etc.). You can also postpone the beginning of your fast to the next day by eating light meals during that day (you can find some examples in the fasting guide received by mail). This will avoid frustrations.

Our customer service is open for your complaints or questions by email. We can respond from Monday to Friday, by email from 9AM to 4PM (on info@fitntasty.ch) and by phone from 9AM to noon (+41 21 544 16 36).
For Saturday deliveries, our team is off. We advise you to contact the Post directly. You can of course send us an email, we will answer you as soon as possible!

For the cardboard box, you can throw it away with the rest of the paper and cardboard, in the garbage cans provided for the recycling of these materials.

Unfortunately we don’t offer the option to collect the programs yet.

We recently switched from our beloved cold-press Norwalk machine to a X1 Cold Press Juicer from Pomeroy Equipment (Good Nature) to accommodate for the increased amount of orders that we have been getting. Thanks for the Fit ‘n’ Tasty love!

But what is cold pressing? It is a method of juicing where the juice is extracted by pressing instead of grinding. When blended or grinded with a traditional centrifugal machine, heat is added and the products are exposed to air, causing the fruits and veggies to oxidize and degrade. With a cold press machine however, the products remain unheated, and keep all their vital nutrients, minerals and enzymes. This extraction method is the best of the best! In fact, research shows that cold press juicers like the one we use ensure the product retains double the level of nutrients to those processed by their centrifugal counterparts. It is the closest thing to raw, pure fruits and vegetables, and enables you to consume a large amount of nutrients that you would otherwise not be able to eat.

We don’t recommend only juice diets while you are pregnant or nursing. However, the juices are a great supplement to your current diet and will add extra nourishment to your body during a time where your body needs it most. In any case, consult your doctor first to see if our program is right for you.

If you really feel like you’re starving, don’t hesitate to make yourself a giant bowl of salad, as long as it’s healthy.
It’s often the case, however, that you are not really hungry, rather it is the feeling of an empty stomach or the ritual of eating that makes you think that you are hungry. You are not hungry, you simply have an appetite. Drink some more water, the chances are it will pass. Brushing your teeth helps to make you feel like you have just finished a meal. Also, make sure to spread the juices out over the day and take your time to drink them (1/2 hour per bottle). If all else fails, grab a handful of unsalted nuts or some raw vegetable or fruit.

All our juices are gluten and lactose free. They are free from any additives or preservatives – that’s what differentiates us from other products, our juices only contain natural ingredients: vegetables, fruits and spices!

When you order, you’ll find a section where you can tell us about your allergies. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients found in our juices, please contact us directly by email or telephone.

Yes! While you might be tired and exhausted on the first day, energy levels usually sky rocket after and you will feel ready to move your body. Since the body needs less energy for digestion, you’ll have extra energy for other activities, including exercise. Physical activity is ideal, we suggest light runs, power walks and yoga or pilates.

The scale might show less, but this is mainly due to the fact that you will retain less water and have an empty stomach. The most important thing about this process is that you change your habits instead of worrying about your weight. Fasting can help you find a balance and eliminate previous bad habits. This will make it easier for you to eat healthy afterwards.

Water, water and more water. You should be aiming to drink 2 litres of water and/or herbal teas a day. It is important to keep well hydrated as thirst can often be mistaken by the body as hunger. Choose still water over sparkling water, and avoid coffee, alcohol and soft drinks at all costs. These drinks would defeat the whole purpose of fasting and we hope that you have the strength to resist for the duration of your fast.

Problems with going to the toilet are completely normal and this will normalise after a few days. As you are consuming more fluid than usual, you may also need to go to the toilet much more often. However, it is part of the process and completely normal and safe.

Plastic is a better choice for us than glass for the following reasons:

– Plastic uses considerably less energy than glass to be recycled (we use PET bottles).
– It is dramatically lighter than other bottle options, which means less fuel is used to deliver each bottle. This also means that the bottles are easier for you to transport, especially if you are taking your juices with you to work, school or uni.