The Fit ‘n’ Tasty orange juice and the industrial one, here are the differences!

29-11-21|Health, Nutrition|

On the occasion of the return of our orange juices, we make a point on the differences between the industrial orange juices and ours!   1) The place of production is the first difference: for industrial juices, the fruits are often pressed at the other end of the world. At Fit 'n' Tasty, the oranges are picked and pressed in Spain. It is important for us to press as close as possible to the production, in order to preserve the nutritional and taste qualities of the fruit. For the record: only our fruit juice range is not [...]

How to boost your immune system?

12-11-21|Health, Nutrition|

It's a known fact that cold weather and seasonal changes tend to affect us as we are confronted with new microorganisms. Do you feel weaker? Then it's time to strengthen your immune system! And that's good, there are tricks available to everyone. We give you some of them: 1) Fill up on vitamins! It is important to choose foods that contain certain vitamins and minerals. Some examples: Vitamin A - it maintains the proper functioning of mucous membranes, skin and vision. You can find it in carrots, spinach, apricots, melons, eggs and dairy products. Vitamin B - is [...]

Kale and its benefits: 6 good reasons to eat it!


It's kale season, which means Dr. Green is back! On this occasion, we tell you more about this super vegetable. Kale - also known as leaf cabbage - made a comeback a few years ago and has been all the rage in Europe and the USA ever since! This healthy vegetable is full of benefits, earning it a well-deserved reputation as a superfood! Today, Fit 'n' Tasty celebrates this increasingly popular vegetable and gives you the best reasons to make Kale one of your best friends. 1) It's full of vitamins! As you might have understood, eating [...]

We are switching to rPET!

11-05-21|environment, Infos|

Born from a long time reflection, Fit 'n' Tasty has the will to be sustainable. We know that a healthy body is meaningless without the ability to live in a healthy world. What does that mean ? We propose high quality products, allowing the ingredients to provide all their benefits, and that respect our environment. It is with this conscientious spirit that we have developed our products and services. A new step towards a more sustainable world has just been taken: We are going rPET! All 250ml juice bottles pressed in Switzerland are concerned! We are proud of this, [...]

The 5:2 intermittent fasting

14-04-21|Cleanse, Infos, Nutrition|

The 5:2 diet is a well known intermittent fasting program that consists of restricting your caloric intake two days a week (500-600 calories per day), while eating normally the other five days. This diet has already proven itself both in terms of weight loss and health. Many people adopt it on a regular basis in their wellness routine! The 5:2 diet is based on the principle of alternating between eating and fasting periods. The goal is to find the eating rhythm of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. According to some scientists, this eating rhythm corresponds much more to our chrono-biological rhythm [...]

How to enjoy your cleanse at 200%?


A Fit 'n' Tasty cleanse allows you to fill up on nutrients, improve your metabolism, your skin, your general wellbeing and your concentration. Much more than a simple diet, cleansing aims to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. It is the right time to take care of yourself and you will appreciate the experience even more with a holistic approach, body and mind of course! Welcome unlimited energy and take advantage of it to find mental clarity and develop a more positive attitude towards life. It is not only your body that will benefit from this cleanse, your mind [...]

It’s spring, THE time for a juice cleanse!

22-03-21|Cleanse, Events, Health, Infos|

Spring is finally here, it's the right time to do a juice cleanse! With the new season just around the corner, we wanted to talk about the ancestor of the detox cleanse, the spring cleanse known as fasting. At the time, we didn't really ask ourselves the question, when the seasons changed, we practiced a regular detoxification cure. In the Christian world, with the arrival of spring, people prepared to fast. This period lasts 40 days, which precedes one of their greatest feasts, Easter. It is obvious that nowadays we don't necessarily fast. At least it is important to [...]

Recommend to a friend

16-03-21|Events, Infos|

Fit'n'Tasty launches "Refer a friend"! You love our juices and other Fit'n'Tasty products? Are you a fan of our juice cleanses and happily planning your well-deserved wellness breaks? Tell your friends about us! We know you talk a lot about our juices, and we would like to thank you for being such loyal customers. We are offering you the opportunity to offer and receive discounts on your orders and those of your friends. Refer a friend, he will receive a voucher of 20.- , and you too (as soon as he has validated his order)! * [...]

Testimony from Marco, Fit’n’Tasty customer


Thank you Marco, a loyal Fit'n'Tasty customer, who gave us his feedback! "I did a proper detox with Fit’n’Tasty. Covid causing so many bad habits, moods and eating, I believe this should help a lot of people . it’s nice to be kind to yourself after 1 year of misery and suffering. I think the addition with soup makes it's easier and pleasurable as a warm soup gives a lot more pleasure than swigging only juices . Also very low calories so people could add 1 here and there if feeling too hungry . It's like going to a clinic [...]

Fit’n’Tasty launches limited edition soups!

05-03-21|Cleanse, Events, Infos|

Fit'n'Tasty introduces combined juice & soup cures! We also wanted to indulge ourselves with a warm version of our juices, for warmth and for fighting this winter and this lack of light! So we are starting by releasing them in limited edition, juuuuust in time before the end of winter : Delicious, healthy and nourishing new soups, so you can relax and enjoy yourself! For one thing, it's so good, and it warms you up, so what better way to face the winter? And also, soups are an excellent source of vegetable fiber, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, [...]