Who doesn’t love to take the time to pamper our body and face? AT Fit ‘n’ Tasty we try to do it as often as we can ;) And here is our own homemade avocado face mask. You might already know that we are avocado lovers ;-) For a radiant skin and super soft try to do this mask every 2 weeks. Best part you’ll have half of the avocado left to eat it ! YUM !


You’ll need :

½ of an avocado

2 TBSP of honey

1 TBSP of brown granulated sugar (to add a scrubby feeling to it)


How to do it :

Squash your avocado and mix it with the honey and sugar.

Apply it on your face while making small circles to actually have that massage feeling.

Leave it for 20 minutes (it’ll give you the time to read or drink a smoothie ;-) )

Wash it off slowly and voilà !

IMG_0492 copy