Who doesn’t love snacking? Often lead to unhealthy crisps or way to sugary snack bars we never really know what to eat to stay healthy and yet cut that appetite before dinner. Healthy moms have found the solutions for their kids to eat healthy no matter what. SO why can’t we use that same solution? We introduce you the healthy granolas (at first it was an attempt to make snackbars but my recipe turned to be excellent for granolas, not snackbars). Made in no time and super tasty!



1 cup of oats or quinoa flakes if you want to make it gluten free

half a cup of dried fruits

half a cup of nuts

3-4 spoonful of maple syrup

1-2 spoonful of honey



Mix all the dried ingredients together in your mould.

Add the maple syrup and honey, stir well until everytthing is sticky.

Grill it slightly in your oven (preheated at 180°) for 10 minutes until golden.

When ready let it cool down. Then scrap it from your mould and put it in a jar !

Enjoy raw or on top of a yoghurt ! So tasty !