Always wanted to eat chocolate without stopping ? We found the perfect guilt free chocolate mousse for you. I was suspicious when I saw the first ingredient on Deliciously ella’s video but it totally is a flawless recipe. You cannot feel the avocado in the mousse it just makes it creamier! I can hear you behind your screen saying avocado ?! In a mousse ? Yup my friend but try it before you say anything ;)


Serves 2, you’ll need :

1 avocado

1 banana sliced

1 handful of dates (soak them before if they are dry)

2 TBSP of raw cocoa (go for 4 TBSP of normal cocoa)

2 TBSP of cashew nut butter (or any other nut butter will do)

1 TBSP of maple syrup

4 TBSP of water to make it creamier

Then blend everything together until you have no bits left and serve it a nice bowl with sliced bananas on top or even go for fresh raspberries ;)

You’ll love it !