Have you ever felt the urge of eating something cold but still filling and homemade for lunch? We did! But home to make it interesting and practical for more than just one day? We introduce you the mix and remix salad…




You’ll need:

1 1/2 cup of quinoa or 300gr of pastas of your choice

a selection of different fruits and veggies for each days you’ll eat this salad:


1st day:

1 avocado


1 onion


2nd day:

feta cheese

1/3 cucumber

6 cherry tomatoes


3rd day:





For the sauce :

olive oil to drizzle

balsamic cream to drizzle

salt & pepper

grains and nuts of your choice


Preparation :

Cook the quinoa or pasta.

When ready rinse it and add a bit of olive oil so it doesn’t stick.

Separate it in 3 Tupperware

Slice each fruits and veggies add them in each Tupperware.

Close it and mark each one for each day.

On the day just drizzle it with the sauce and voilà !


You’ll have different salads on 5 days, which makes it 3 days of already made dishes and it leaves you 2 days to try something different!!

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