Who ever felt like they didn’t have time to eat their breakfast properly at home? Or that they wanted to do some exercise and enjoy a nice breakfast while going to work in the train or simply at work. We thought about it and our own solution is to have breakfast in a jar. Easy to take with you. Ready in no time and as healthy as cucumber sticks. Yummy.


For one nice pudding you need :

1 super cool jar

3 tbsp. of chia seeds

½ a cup of oats

½ a cup of almond milk or yoghurt (depends if you want it thick or runny)

-Prepare this the night before, so you can let it sit in the fridge overnight!

-Mix the chia seeds oats and milk together in the jar and let it rest the night in the fridge

When you wake up:

-Check the consistency, if its too thick add a bit of milk or yoghurt!

-Then top it with whatever you feel like having:

-nuts, coconut powder, dried fruits, fresh fruits, granolas,…

Our favourite topping is : frozen raspberries, cashew nuts, and coconut powder.

Et voilà! Don’t forget the spoon, otherwise you’ll have a hard time eating it ;)