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Objective Weight Loss Box – 6 Balance soups

Objective Weight Loss Box – 6 Balance soups

CHF 49.90

A meal alternative for winter and a perfect slimming ally, this box allows you to reduce your caloric intake while filling you up, to reach your weight loss goal with a maximum of flavors and pleasure. A motivational tool for your daily life that will make you prefer healthy, light and nutritious products!

This box contains 6 x Balance Soup (330ml) 

Introducing the Balance Soup, vegetarian, 100% natural and home-made. Cocooning, comforting and balanced, this soup is a great ally to get through the colder seasons with peace of mind!

  • Enriched with our blend of superfoods for a natural health boost
  • Low in fat and low in calories (107kcal per portion, 5.3% of RDA*)
  • Source of vegetable protein and fibre to help you feel satiated
  • Balanced energy profile (carbohydrate, fat and protein)
  • Provides vitamins and minerals


Butternut – water – carrot – coconut milk – onion – garlic – protein mix (spirulina, pumpkin seed meal, pea protein, hemp protein, alfalfa, moringa) – salt – curry. Contains mustard. May contain traces of celery and almonds.



The benefits of our vegetable soups

A range of delicious Fit’n’Tasty soups, with the authentic taste of veggies, 100% natural and handcrafted. Recipes designed for their nutritional benefits. Superfoods specially selected to bring you a natural health boost and ingredients carefully picked for their benefits and flavors. Artisanal production by our teams in Ecublens (Vaud). Want to know more about our soups? Click here to find out more!

Why eat soup?

A healthy alternative for winter meals, soup is ideal for warming up and enjoying the benefits of vegetables:

  • Packed with nutrients, it provides plenty of vitamins and minerals
  • Low in calories, it is a meal to be favoured by people who want to reduce their calorie intake (as it is essentially composed of vegetables and water, two low-calorie foods)
  • Satiating, because it contains vegetable fibres that swell in the stomach and reduce the feeling of hunger
  • Hydrating, thanks to its water content
  • Eases digestion, thanks to the fibre

Our Fit’n’Tasty tips for people who want to reduce their calorie intake:

Our soups are perfect for a light meal, in a First Date cure for example, or as a daily meal, accompanied by a drink and a mixed salad!

If you have difficulty reducing the calorie intake of your meals, we recommend starting your meal with a soup. This will help you to feel full quickly and will make it easier for you to reduce the rest of your meal.

Don’t forget, a diet that combines pleasure and balance is a component of a healthy lifestyle.

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