Today we welcome Rafaela and Emily from the blog Pretty Tiny Things. They are two best friends from Switzerland and France and share their passion for fashion, photography and travels with us. Just in time for the new year Rafaela tested our juices! Besides the positive feedback we are absolutely in love with the pictures, wow! Read the whole review here:

First of all I want to wish you all a wonderful 2016 full of love, luck, happiness and especially health! (Without that, we are nothing!)
I’m coming back to you after a week in Portugal with my family which will include a post that will come very soon.
Today, I’m going to speak about something that we all would probably need after the holidays, a good cleanse one day cure. Of course, I did not do this cleanse after the end of year celebrations but late November and I’m going to tell you in detail my day.

In the morning, I received a parcel from the post office in which was a box full of these little bottles from Fit n ‘Tasty. So I opened the box and consumed my first bottle of the day which are numbered.

Here the first bottle to consume. Taste lemon / ginger. To be honest with you, it is the drink that I didn’t liked at all because the taste was really strong with the ginger and it was also very acid.

The second bottle is made with apple / pear / cucumber / spinach and spirulina. The taste that most spring in this drink is the cucumber and it’s a taste that I especially appreciate.

Here is the bottle that I liked most. Apple / Carrot and Kiwi. It was a real sweetness explosion in the mouth!

Forth bottle of the cure. Beet / apple / carrot / Lemon and Parsley. Again, it is the lemon taste who most spring so we could find this touch of acidity in the drink. But overall, it was pretty good!

And here is the last bottle of my cleanse. Pear / Celery / Cucumber / lettuce / parsley and lemon.

Overall, my day has been normal. Of course, the end of the day was a bit difficult because the lack of food, but having that feeling of lightness and well-being in my body is something really wonderful. All these bottles are made in the city where I live, in Lausanne and everything id freshly hurry in the same day. Let me say that the authentic taste is here!