Nous sommes très fières que Martinaturally ait eu l’opportunité d’essayer nos jus pendant son passage en Suisse ce mois ci. C’est une coach santé qui a pour mission d’inspirer les autres à vivre une vie saine et sa philosophie correspond totalement à nos valeurs chez Fit ‘n’ Tasty. Quelle meilleure juge pour nos jus qu’une vraie foodie qui a un diplôme de nutrition? Pour plus d’inspiration de sa part, jetez un coup d’oeil à son compte Instagram.

Voici ce qu’elle a pensé de notre cure. Son chien n’est il pas trop mignon avec notre jus Beet the stress?


So many of us have the resolution to loose weight, gain muscle, a few fortunate to gain weight, be more fit, etc. but in general most of us want to become healthier. One of the best ways to start is to reprogram our body by cleansing it. After all that Christmas eating and drinking (which for many of us lasted until this week) it is time for a much needed reboot. There are various ways to cleanse our body but one of my favourite and more efficient is through juicing.

Specifically with cold pressed juices. Why cold pressed? Because this way they retain all the nutrients found in the vegetables and fruits, contrary to the common centrifugal system which heats up the content and looses significant amount of vitamins and minerals, which with the cold pressed remain intact. I have encountered different people who claim that we do not need to go this extra step to cleanse our body as its designed to eliminate all the waste by itself.

Of course our body is designed to auto-cleanse however in this case juicing will do much more to your body than simply “cleaning it”. Your body and mind will take that needed rest. A juice cleanse is usually 1, 3 to 5 days. It consists of drinking 6 juices per day and nothing else. *Trust me I am not a fan of starving and juicing won’t make you starve.* In every bottle there is over 1kg of cold pressed fruits and vegetables, completely raw and unaltered.

I am so happy I got to savour these juices from Fit’n’Tasty, cold pressed and locally made in Switzerland. I had their Urban Cleanse which consists of 6 juices per day and decided to do this for 3 days. I loved doing this cleanse especially because it did not only affect positively  my body but my mind as well.


This is the perfect program for someone who has already tried juicing once or has done a combination of juicing and food before. It’s better to introduce the juices slowly into your routine instead of trying for the first time a 5 day cleanse. Fit’n’Tasty offers different kind of programs depending on your specific needs.  The first juice I had in the morning was ginger, lemon, and water. It was the most powerful thing ever ! I could see the benefits immediately. Plus I am a big fan of lemon and ginger on an empty stomach. These superfoods aid in reducing bloat, constipation, cleanse, and promote weight loss.

After that I had a green juice with spirulina. Then the carrot apple and kiwi which was one of my favourite. Carrot juice is easy to drink and a familiar flavour. In the afternoon beet the stress followed. By this time I would not feel hungry at all. Every time I craved food I was almost due the next juice and those cravings were immediately gone as soon as I had one.  At dinner I drank kale, apple, celery, and lemon. Filling, sweet and not too “green-grass” taste either despite being a green juice. The almond milk at night is a life saver. Having that more substantial juice is so good in the evening especially because its when I tend to eat the most.  This left me with no worry of being hungry when hitting the pillow.

The first day is a bit more tough since I am used to chewing all day this is the thing I miss the most.. which I call the kuku-factor. Ultimately at one point of the cleanse you will experience “hunger” which really is not anything close to being hungry. It is simply your body and mind missing the eating experience, the overeating experience and the fun dinners out. So at one point you are going to go kuku but it will all be ok. At that moment remind yourself this is only for a limited amount of days, you are eating everything your body needs, you are not even close to starving and the more you stick to it the better you will feel.

The second day I felt more clear and energised. I woke up to a flat stomach but experienced a light headache. I know this is all the wines working through my system. The second day it’s very common to experience some kind of discomfort. This is our body cleaning from all the addictions we have and don’t even realise: the coffee, the wine, the chocolate, etc.

The benefits of the cleanse can really be seen and felt after the second day. The first real changes I notice are on my skin, it is much clearer, less red and more radiant. I feel less bloated, more energetic and less hungry. Yes, less hungry. My stomach was getting used to the smaller portions and after receiving a break from all the over-eating I feel less hungry. The most positive change I experience when juicing is in linked to my mind. I feel powerful for having followed my cleanse, for sticking to it. My mind is clear and ready.


The third and in my case last day was the best. You feel like the juice master ! Waking up to the flattest stomach in history and feeling 20 pounds lighter. Although you won’t really loose much weight when juicing. It is more about starting fresh with the right foods to nourish your body. Every time I finish the third day I know the fourth will be even easier. Still I haven’t tried more than 3 days of cleansing but wish to do it soon. After the cleanse it is recommended to stay light and not to reintroduce all the food at once but to keep it simple and green.

Don’t worry you won’t be craving those fries after juicing, your body will know better.