Für die umweltbewussten unter euch: 7sky magazine hat vor kurzem eine neue Webseite herausgebracht die vor Inspiration nur so überläuft. Das Ziel ist es, die Geschichten von inspirierenden Menschen, Firmen und Initiativen zu teilen und Aufmerksamkeit auf diese interessante Themen zu lenken. Wir sind erfreut darüber, als verantwortliche und umweltbewusste Schweizer Firma mit dabei zu sein!

Erfahrt mehr darüber:

Imagine a juice…

Imagine a juice which contains exactly what a juice is expected to have, and nothing else…

What exactly should it contain? Naturally rich fruits and vegetables handpicked because of their juicy flavours and natural instinct to make YOU feel better.

Imagine a juice that is produced with what we believe is key: A healthy body in a healthy world. Which means we pick the fruits and vegetables from the local environment with a sustainable mind-set. We follow the seasons to provide you the best flavours and choose organic and non-GMO when the local harvest allows for it!

Imagine a juice that use the best techniques of press and conservation to keep the ingredients unaltered so that you get the closest to what a fruit or vegetable has to offer.

Fit ‘n’ Tasty produces locally sourced fruits and vegetables juices with your health in mind. Based in Lausanne, the cold pressed and conservation techniques do not alter the vitamins or nutrients, so that you feel like biting directly into the fruit or vegetable!

The ingredients are delivered weekly to us by bike from the local cooperatives in the Vaud canton and surroundings, within days of harvesting, we directly prepare the juices and they are delivered across Switzerland the next day!

Our original Swiss juice recipes are naturally enriched with superfoods to energise your body and spirit. We believe the earth has given us all we need to feel boosted all day long and we don’t need to insert any other transformation or chemicals to feel good.

No other ingredients or hidden extras are added! What you taste is what you get.

Keep up with us, and believe like us that Switzerland and its earth have all the vibes needed to make us BE A BETTER US. Be proud with us of the first 100% Swiss juice company!

Share with us what Switzerland has best to offer, we are happy to discover new recipes, ideas and feelings!

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