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Dites bonjour à Aniahimsa, la nouvelle #swissfoodie à suivre sur Instagram avec plus de 11’000 followers. Nous l’avons découverte tout récemment en tombant sur ses photos colorées et depuis on est accro ! On se réjouit de voir ses nouvelles recettes et belles photos !

Elle n’a pas (encore!) de blog, mais elle écrit son expérience sur Facebook et Instagram et la partage avec nous. Merci pour un super article (en anglais) !

Day 1

The first of 3 days juice cleanse with Fit’n’Tasty is over. 6 bottles are empty and I feel good so far. I could even do my workout today. The only thing I notice so far is that I’m really getting tired earlier. For the rest of the evening I’ll just relax and go to bed early. If you’re interesting in a detailed review of the juice cleanse, stay tuned. Tomorrow morning I’ll be posting the first résumé here and another shot of a juice on Instagram.

Day 2

Good morning. Today is the second day of my juice cleanse with Fit’n’Tasty. Before I’m going to tell you about how everything is going I shortly want to let you know what this whole cleanse contains. Well, if you do the 3 days of cleanse like me you’ll receive a packet with 3×6 fresh juices. They get produced in Switzerland with raw organic ingredients the evening before you get your order. It’s important to keep them in the fridge to keep them cool. Every morning you start off with a ginger and lemon juice, followed by 4 veggie and fruit juices. The last one is only greens. If you want, you can eat lunch too. Fit’n’Tasty suggests you different meals with veggies and fruits. 

But now let’s shift attention to my experiences on the juice cleanse. When I started off yesterday very early in the morning I struggled with drinking the lemon and ginger juice. It was too sour for me. After mixing it up with some water it was much better. I did a short workout session afterwards and felt great. An hours later I took the next juice, actually my favourite. It’s called “DEEP CLEAN” and contains cucumber, apple, pear, spinach and spirulina. I didn’t feel hungry the whole day, every two hours I drunk a new juice. They taste really great, especially the one with beetroot, which I normally don’t really like in juices. Only in the evening it was hard for me to don’t have something between my teeth. I wouldn’t say that I was really hungry it was more the wish to have something to bite. This morning when I woke up I felt great. Not really hungry but on the other hand also not very excited about the first juice. I love ginger but not that much. Had to mix it up with some more water again. Btw, drinking enough water is so important if you’re doing a cleanse. The first day I drunk around 4 liter plus the juices. What about the side effects you may ask yourself. Yesterday I struggled with dizziness the whole day, especially after my workout. But this was it. Every person is different here. Because I eat very healthy all the time for me the change isn’t that hard as for someone who has very bad eating habits. But nevertheless, I’ll have a small lunch now. I prepared myself a salad with cucumber, apple, grapes and 1/4 avocado. For the dressing I only use the juice of 1/2 lemon and a little bit of turmeric. No salt – very important! Last but not least; why am I doing a cleanse if I’m already eating healthy? Well, I just wanted to see wheter I still notice a difference. The goals are to protect the liver and rehydrate the body. Some people also say that their hair and skin gets better. I will keep you updated about my experiences after day 2. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Happy Wednesday!

Day 3

Today is day 3 of my detox cleanse. After struggling with dizziness and low blood pressure yesterday I feel so much better today. On this picture you can see the first four juices of today. Ginger-lemon water   apple-pear-spinach-spirulina-cucumber   carrot-apple-kiwi   betroot-carrot-apple-lemon-parsley. The green and the purple one are my favourite! Nevertheless I’m already looking forward to eat something proper again. It was a great experience and I realized how important food is to us. It’s not really the hunger you have to fight against. It’s the wish to have something between the teeth. Because I didn’t wanted to skip my workouts I had to have a little snack sometimes. I ate an apple or a carrot whenever I felt like having not much energy left. 

In my opinion you have to listen to your body. It doesn’t make sense if you feel bad during your cleanse. For the juices; I really like most of them. Only the last one I didn’t manage to drink. Only greens, no fruits. That was too green for me. But well.. The others ones tasted amazing.

I can recommand doing a juice cleanse because you have to challenge yourself and you probably eat much healthier the following days too. Also it’s the perfect occasion to change your diet. For me there won’t be a real change because I already follow a healthy diet. I didn’t really recognize that feel better after those 3 days, also because I already felt good before. To add another positive aspect; I could sleep so good during this time. That was perfect. And I had more time for myself because I didn’t had to cook. Anyway; I’m already looking forward to my breakfast tomorrow. So many ideas what I could eat, haha. Enjoy your day and happy cleanse!