Soraya Bakthiar voyage dans les quatres coins du monde. Et c’est avant de partir à l’aventure qu’elle décide de tester notre Urban Cleanse. Voici donc son article en anglais rien que pour vous!

This week I’m juicing (3 days only, but seems like an eternity right now) with a Swiss label called Fit ‘n’ Tasty. So far, I’m really pleased about the taste of the juices, they’re all very fresh and yummy. What makes them so special and different to the other ones out there is that they are cold-pressed, which allows you to keep the vitamins and nutriments for 3 days. Oh and I forgot the major plus: they are all locally made (in Switzerland). You know how much I love to try out those kind of things and I couldn’t find a better time to do it while I’m still in Geneva. A great excuse to literally rest my system before I’m off to my adventures on the other side of the pond.

For your information, I picked the 3-day Urban Cleanse (6juices/day) here’s an example of what you’ll find in them:

1 – Ginger, lemon, water

2 – Apple, pear, spinach, cucumber, spirulina

3 – Carrot, apple, kiwi

4 – Beetroot, apple, carrot, parsley, lemon

5 – Apple, kale, celery, lemon

6 – Almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon, stevia