How not to fall under the charm of this ethically engaged swiss brand? bepure produce completely natural, vegan, organic, sustainable and ethically sourced Argan Oil. These small local companies are those that we should choose over conventional beauty products to totally embrace the “green lifestyle” ! Think about the people that you are giving your money to, isn’t it important to help small companies who are ethical towards all of their workers? BePure works with families in Morocco who sustainably process the oil and we give them a thumbs up for that !

Moreover, the bepure Argan oil is simply marvellous ! Their brand produces 4 differents types of oils to make your whole body smell and feel amazing. There is an oil for the body, the hair, a daily face oil and a night face oil. After one week, we already see miracles on our skin: smaller pores, nourished and glowing skin.

The oils unique perfumes are just mindblowing. These green tea, grapefruit, rose and lemon scented oils are calming and will soothe your mind as well.

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1. Hair oil

Applied on the tips of your hair at night before going to bed, this cedra, rosemary and lemon oil rocked us to sleep. After the morning hair washing ritual, the oil is totally gone, leaving only soft and untangled hair. It is great to leave the oil in as long as possible, so night time is a great moment for the oil to sink in.

2. Body oil

It gives the skin a perfect shiny feel and it penetrates the skin very easily, leaving no greasy feeling. The verbena and green tea scent will blow your mind. It is important to have a morning massage ritual, it has been proven that it helps a lot with self esteem. We can never stress enough that taking care of your body and thanking it for all the things it does for us is important. This oil is perfect for soothing the skin after dry brushing for example. It also helps with dryness of skin and eczema.

3. Face oil – daytime

Again, it did not feel sticky once applied. This oil is perfect for every skin types. People with oily skin always tend to avoid adding oil but sometimes it does the skin good to be properly hydrated. For good make up results, add a drop of this face oil and mix it with your foundation. The effect will look natural and will give you a glowing look. Rose scented, this face oil will help you start the day in a good way.

4. Face oil – night

During the night, this Argan face oil soothes your skin and helps it recover from all the daytime agressions. Again, what better than nature’s ingredients to heal ourselves? This fig scented oil is a great nourishing serum and your skin will look smooth and healthy.

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We have been more than seduces by the bepure products. Instead of buying products that contain ingredients that we cannot even name, why not go back to more natural treatments? 

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