Fit ‘n’ Tasty has a new design!

Since a couple of months we have been busily working behind the scenes to present you

Fit ‘n’ Tasty’s new design for 2016!

We made a couple of changes to the structure of our juice offer and our Almond Shake. But no panic! Our juices are still fresh, without preservatives and organic. Here is what changed:

  1. Fit ‘n’ Tasty now has a new logo. How do you like it?
  2. Our bottles are now 250ml instead of 300ml. But we added one additional juice per cleanse, which means that you get to experience one more flavour during your detox experience. That sounds like a good deal to us.


The new First Date – 6 juicesUrbandetox

The new Urban Detox – 7 juices


The new Green Warrior Kur – 7 juices

3.   The price per bottle now lies between 8.90 -10.90CHF instead of the prices price of 12.90 CHF. The new prices depend on the type of juice.

4.   We are happy to introduce you to our three newest juice creations: Fresh Eden, Hydra and Lavender Master. They taste delicious and are available on our website as of now. Would you like to integrate them into your juice box? From now on you can create your personalised juice box with your six favourite flavours simply by browsing through our  menu à la carte.




We hope that you are as pleased with the changes as we are and that we will be able to entice you for a fit & tasty experience in 2016!