Oil… We use it everywhere! For the skin, our hair, cooking, seasoning or even for healthy reasons! However we have realized that we never really get out of our comfort zone when it’s time to use new oils. Often we’ll use the famous sunflower oil or rapeseed oil, and if we are going for a mediterranean taste we’ll always turn towards the olive oil. Did you know that plenty of other oils are surrounding us and just waiting for us to use them on a daily basis? So here are a few oils that will amaze you with their health benefits but also on how you can use them ;)

Almond oil

Benefits : The almond oil is firstly good for the health, thanks to its soluble fibers that will help prevent from diabetes and also bring down the level of cholesterol in your body. Rich in fatty acids it is ideal for the skin, as it helps removing stretch marks, hydrating your skin generously and is marvellous on your hair.

How to use it : in your food; put a few drops in a salad to have a lovely flavour. On your hair; do a hair mask for 20 minutes and rince afterwards, it will give them a shiny and healthy look. On your skin; you can put the oil straight on it or find some body milk that contains almond oil as well.

Avocado oil

Benefits : it is really rich in proteins and vitamins, which will help our intestinal transit. Thanks to its high level of antioxidants it protects from any oxidative stress and any liver problems that might occur. The avocado is also really good for your skin, as it will nourrish it fully and reduce wrinkles that can appear.

How to use it : in the kitchen; you can use it whilst cooking, when you bring up the temperature it won’t make the oil lose its virtues, due to its content. Don’t hesitate to use it instead of sunflower or rapeseed oil once in a while. In the bathroom; you can find body milk that contains avocado, which is ideal for the skin! It is amazing on your hair as well, if you apply it before a shampoo they say it helps for the growth! Let’s try it ;)

Flax oil

Benefits : Cold pressed slightly after the seeds are mature enough, flax oil is really rich in fatty acids and has a high level of omega 3 which has a really good effect on the heart and helps regulate your blood pressure. Excellent for the brain, it reinforces the ability to learn and focus. Amongst all those benefits, the flax oil is also ideal for different types of allergies such as asthma.

How to use it : on the skin; the oil has a healing effect on any bruises and scars. It also helps for burns, cracks and frostbites. In the kitchen: the flax oil can’t be heated nor exposed to the sun too long, it has to be consumed raw on a salad or with veggies.

Hazelnut oil

Benefits : the hazelnut oil is excellent for the heart and helps reduce the level of cholesterol. On the skin it has a soothing effect anf hydrates plenty thanks to its fatty acids. Did you know? Hazelnut oil protects you from sun rays, many solar creams contain its oil. Tip : you can add a drop in any daily cream you use to be protected from any sun burns.

How to use it : in the kitchen; you can use it to make a pesto instead of oilve oil as it mixes perfectly with basil. On your skin, you can use it as a massaging oil but also for the face as it helps treating acne.

Nuts oil

Benefits : Big source of vitamin E, that helps preventing the aging of organisms, and also has a high level of magnesium that helps reinforce bone structure. Thanks to its omega 3 it also prevents your cholesterol from rising. Nuts oil is recommended in prevention of any heart diseases or cancer.

How to use it : It is another oil that doesnt stand heat. It’s best in a salad or to season veggetables. It can be used as a preservative for goat cheese in a jar for example.

Coconut oil

Benefits : It hydrates and fights against the aging of our skin. Without mentinoning the amazing smell it leaves ;) On the tips of your hair, the coconut oil will nourrish them thanks to its vitamin E and K. Interesting fact; if you apply a bit of oil on your teeth if will whitened them !

How to use it : in the kitchen; it’s ideal for any type of cooking, it replaces the butter or any average oils. It’s also delicious in patisseries or in a smoothie! In the bathroom; perfect on your skin and your hair as well! And from now on a few drops to have the perfect smile !

Olive oil (extra-virgin)

Benefits : it’s level of acidity is really low compared to virgin olive oil, you should use the extra-virgin from now on as it’s way better for your health and for the taste too! It decreases hypertension and is great to prevent from heart diseases.

How to use it : in the kitchen; ideally raw to keep all its healthy benefits, in a salad or in a little bowl with balsamic vinegar as the italians do it ;) In your hair : if they are dry apply the oil on the lengths and the tips of your hair but if they are tending to be greasy only apply it on the tips of your hair. Then let it rest for at least 20 to 30 minutes only then rince while making a soft shampoo.