Power Shot – Set of 2

CHF 7.90

2 x 65 ml

Small but powerful

Your motivating friend.

This is your new friend for today. The POWER SHOT. She (yes she’s a lady) will listen to your needs, guide you through your busy day, push you to accomplish the impossible, and quite simply embark you on a healthier, more energetic life.


apple – pomegranate – ginger


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The nutritional values shown here are calculated from our original recipe. They may vary because we keep our production home-made.

Average nutritional values per 100ml

Energy 245,9kj/57,9kcal
Fats 0.4g
– of which satured 0g
Carbohydrates 12,6g
– of which sugars 11,2g
Protein 1,4g
Salt 0g
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