Immunity Booster – 14 shots

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You love our juices, and your body is begging for more? Enjoy the nutritional benefits of our juices and shots for a balanced vitamin supplement every day (and soooo good) !

This box contains 14 x ginger shots (65ml), with a mix of our 5 recipes!

Will you take up the challenge? 2 shots to take per day, one in the morning and one during your afternoon break. Pleasure your body and yourself, you will feel so good.


Morning Shot

apple – ginger – lemon

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Power Shot

apple – pomegranate – ginger


Spicy Shot

pineapple – apple – ginger – curcuma – Cayennne pepper – black pepper

col-1-image-4   col-3-image-2         

Spirulina Shot

apple – ginger – spinach – lemon – spirulina

col-1-image-4 col-3-image-2     

Matcha Shot

pineapple – apple – ginger – matcha

col-1-image-4    col-3-image-2 

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Why have one juice or shot a day?

Beyond the juice cleanses, we wish to promote a healthy daily consumption. The juice cleanses allow a regular reboot for your body. But what then? You have to keep up the pace! Leverage the nutritional benefits of our juices and shots to have a daily balanced (and ultra good!) vitamin add on!

Choose your juice box according to your goals and the recipe you prefer for a natural and beneficial daily intake.

Learn more about the benefits of our cold pressed and cold pasteurized juices.

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