Happy thoughts Notebook

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The Happy Thoughts Notebook (available in french only)

The Happy Thoughts Notebook is a companion that will help you take a more positive and enjoyable look at your life through writing. It contains simple exercises to reinforce positive thoughts.

How to incorporate it into a Fit’n’Tasty cleanse? Much more than a simple diet, cleansing aims to improve your physical and mental well-being. It is the right time to take care of yourself and to adopt positive routines (which will allow the benefits of the cleanse to last well beyond the end of the juices)! This notebook is the perfect companion to help you adopt a more positive outlook on your life.




Gratitude Journal – 1 x per week

  • Take a look at your week
  • Recall your good moments and express your gratitude
  • Reinforce your positive thoughts and boost your motivation
  • Set goals for the following week
  • 28 weeks of pages to fill in

Interludes 2 x per month to

  • Go further in your personal development practice
  • Piquing your curiosity
  • To deepen other themes of observation, reflection and action
  • 12 activities to complete

Zen art and quotes 2 x per month to

  • Motivate and inspire you
  • Unleash your creativity by adding color to the illustrations20 illustrated pages

10 minutes/week is all the time this exercise requires, without even moving from your chair.
The advantage: the activities are inspired by practices whose results have been observed by researchers in positive psychology.
Journal with enough pages for 24 weeks (A5 – 72 pages).

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