Green Booster – 7 Matcha and 7 Spirulina shots

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You love our juices, and your body is begging for more? Enjoy the nutritional benefits of our juices and shots for a balanced vitamin supplement every day (and soooo good) !

This box contains 7 x Matcha shots and 7 x Spirulina shots (65ml)

Natural energy : Need a boost this week? This pack offers 14 shots (one or two per day, you choose) to motivate you for the whole week! You’re going to be full of energy again with our delicious selection of shots, specially created to boost you. No more tired and lazy day allowed … so: take your juices, ready, drink!


pineapple – apple – ginger – matcha

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apple – ginger – spinach – lemon – spirulina

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Why have one juice or shot a day?

Beyond the juice cleanses, we wish to promote a healthy daily consumption. The juice cleanses allow a regular reboot for your body. But what then? You have to keep up the pace! Leverage the nutritional benefits of our juices and shots to have a daily balanced (and ultra good!) vitamin add on!

Choose your juice box according to your goals and the recipe you prefer for a natural and beneficial daily intake.

Learn more about the benefits of our cold pressed and cold pasteurized juices.

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