Fresh Eden Candies 50g

CHF 11.90

50g bags

Delicious Fresh Eden sour candies

Delicious sour candies, made with pulp collected when we press our Fresh Eden juice. You will enjoy the delicious taste and freshness of Fresh Eden, in a natural and artisanal candy version. We love it, and share it with kids and adults alike!

We are also proud of it because it is the result of a zero waste reflection: we collect the pulp after pressing the apples, the ginger and the mint to produce the Fresh Eden juice. L’Amikette gets it and transforms it into delicious candies! High quality ingredients, a best-selling recipe, an artisanal expertise, everything is combined to offer you a unique and tasty product!


Apples, Lemon, Ginger, Mint, Sugar, Citric acid

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This Fresh Eden candy is the result of a collaboration between Amikette and Fit’n’Tasty, they are unique!

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