Almond Boost box – 6 Almond Shakes

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You love our shakes, and your body is begging for more? Enjoy the nutritional benefits of our shakes, juices and shots for a balanced vitamin supplement every day (and soooo good) !

This box contains 6 x Almond Shakes (2.5dl)

An artisanal almond shake with a touch of cinnamon, vanilla and maple syrup, for a guaranteed explosion of flavour!
For those who already tasted our Almond shake, discover our new recipe: smoother, and so tasty with to the maple syrup, the best of the shakes !


water – almonds – maple syrup – cinnamon – Himalayan salt – vanilla

almondsmaple syrupcinnamonsalt himalayavanilla

  • Pack of homemade almond drink
  • Comforting and soothing
  • Vegan

100% natural

Cold pressed

Never heated

Swiss Made

Express delivery

“Unlike pasteurization, which burns up a lot of the vitamins, we use cold pressing and cold pasteurization, which preserve a maximum of nutrients and vitamins! Quality guaranteed!”

Wendy Vanhonacker, Founder

Wendy from Fit 'n' Tasty

What you get from this?

A consciously designed almond drink for specific goals


The almond shake contains the natural sugars of its maple syrup, with no additives or preservatives.


If you have difficulties with the digestion of milk due to an intolerance or if you want to simply avoid animal products, this almond shake is perfect for you.


Our almond shake is sweet, creamy and artisanal, which gives it its natural taste! The touch of cinnamon, maple syrup and the flavor of vanilla makes our mouth water!


Unlike pasteurization, which destroys up to 70% of the vitamins, we use the innovative high pressure processing (HPP) without heat which preserves a maximum of the nutrients and vitamins! Quality guaranteed!

What is HPP , the preservation method we then use?

To ensure a longer shelf life, we use the cold pasteurization method, known as HPP (High-Pressure Processing). It maintains the goodness of the fruit and vegetables in our juices and means that they are safe to drink as well as completely natural. During this process, our bottles experience a pressure that is seven times deeper than the deepest known part of the ocean. Pathogens can’t survive in such high-pressure environments and become deactivated but all essential nutrients remain. Unlike conventional preservation methods such as pasteurization, the juice isn’t compromised by heat of any kind ensuring that it stays All Good Not Bad.

In short, what are the benefits of HPP?

  • High Pressure Processing is a natural, environmentally friendly process that respects the ingredient
  • Extends products shelf life (by approx. 20 days), making it easier to plan your fasting or your daily routine

  • The ingredients are never heated which means that a maximum of nutrients and vitamins are saved
  • No more chemical treatments! It is a real alternative to traditional thermal and chemical treatments
  • Maintain the fresh food characteristics like flavour and nutrients

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  • water – almonds – maple syrup – cinnamon – Himalayan salt – vanilla

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