6 tips to strengthen your immune system

As we are going from autumn to winter and temperatures are falling very quickly (TOO quickly !), this change can have a direct impact on our health and increase the risk of getting sick.

In addition, the change of season can cause dry and irritated skin as well as dry and fragile hair. By properly feeding our body, we can strengthen our immune system and nourish our body from the inside with a good program. Here are 6 tips:

Refresh yourself with vitamin D

With the days getting shorter and shorter, and as it is rare to see the sun for a long time, our body and mind will soon run out of vitamins from the sun. Vitamin D is essential for keeping our bones and immune system in shape, and it will also have positive effect on our mood. Make sure you receive your daily vitamin D intake.

Take an energizing shot every day

Taking a shot of ginger can slow down your cravings. Our Morning Shot is designed specifically to boost your body in the morning. It is made of ginger and lemon, it is an excellent antioxidant! And our Spicy Shot will warm up your winter days while giving you a healthy dose of energy. With pineapple, cayenne pepper, turmeric and black pepper, this shot will serve as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory to strengthen your immune system.

Keep a good sleep cycle

Seasonal changes can affect how our sleep cycle, and studies have shown that people who experience big seasonal changes have more insomnia, fatigue, and bad mood in the winter. Trying to keep an (almost) identical sleep cycle every day to maintain your circadian cycle helps strengthen your immune system. And of course avoid screens before sleeping to avoid shaking your brain, prefer a book or meditation.

Take care of your lifestyle

To stay in shape, it is essential to take care of your lifestyle. I agree, in winter it is sometimes difficult to stay motivate and move, but sport still very important because it helps eliminate toxins. Apart from sport, give yourself time; hot baths, scrubs and hot teas. And do not forget to dress warmly according to the weather.

Swap sandwiches for soups

Drinking any hot liquid, such as tea, soup or stew, helps relieve the symptoms of colds and flu by helping to reduce congestion and stimulate circulation. In addition, they help keep you hydrated, which can also reduce the risk of colds and coughs. Help your digestion by avoiding icy foods and cold drinks,.

Take your daily dose of vitamin C

Vitamin C is the solution to strengthen your immune system and keep an healthy skin. In fact, vitamin C helps absorb iron and is essential for the production of collagen, a protein found in the skin that is responsible for maintaining its elasticity and flexibility. Our Fuel Me juice is rich in vitamin C and can give you your daily need, plus it is very refreshing. And it’s even better for your body to take it in the morning on an empty stomach.