For any amateur, cold brew coffee is a refreshing alternative enabling a totally new tasting angle. 

Contrary to what might be assumed, it ain’t an iced-coffee made from an expresso served with ice cubes. That is simply a coffee obtained without heat, thus cold-extracted for a long time. 

Coffee beans are coarse-grounded and then soaked into water for about twenty hours. Infusion must be long as the water used is at room temperature or chilled. Finally, beans are filtered from water and coffee is ready for tasting!

To the palate, flavors are much different. Coffee acidity is smoother – adding sugar is not necessary anymore. The process highlights coffee beans characteristics according to their origins that aren’t detectable in a traditional hot coffee. Also flavors stay in mouth afterwards. Cold brew coffee offers a unique taste enabling hiden scents to stand out! 

The pros
Cold brew coffee does not need any machine nor electricity, it is an eco-friendly process! 
Infusion time leverages caffeine content, making it a true natural energizer!