The One Diet Rule Everyone Should Follow – Victoria Sardain


"Maybe it’s because summer’s coming so everyone’s trying to get that beach bod ready, or because we’re almost half way through the year (only got 6 months left to hit those NY Resolutions), but everyone seems to be on a “diet” these days. I’ve gotten more messages that ever from people asking whether they should be “cutting carbs completely” or “is it okay to have a piece of bread in the morning”, “what about the afternoon?”. I have the same answer every single time. I start by saying that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Everyone has different metabolisms, hormone levels, body fat [...]

Le Smart Truffe – A love story

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The Smart Cake story, like most of the good ones, is a story about love. Love for good food, love for cooking, the bond it creates with people and the kind of love that makes you change your whole life and move to another continent. Luciana Esteves, founder of the company, was born in Rio de Janeiro, and was always passionate about baking: the very first recipe she learned, at the age of 7, was actually of a fluffy chocolate cake. “I still remember the smell, and how tasty and simple it was!”, she says. Years [...]

Meet the team

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- Who's hiding behind Fit 'n' Tasty flavors? Zoom in our lab where summer mood is on even during our cold winters!  Why do you like working here? Ederson: The place is spacious, luminous, above all its colors and smells fill us with pleasure. We share our lab with caterer ParisZurich, lucky us.  Alison: Especially because we can have apples all day long! (laughs) Célia: Team is amazing and there is a great atmosphere! What's your favourite juice to produce? Ederson: Pimp me up because...it is super easy! Please take notes of  the transcription's transparency! Alison: The Morning shot! What's [...]

Top 10 sun foods

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Beta-carotene is one big antioxydant, which means that it protects against light damages. As a matter of fact, consuming beta-carotene before summer is interesting to get your skin ready to sunbath. Then, this natural pigment activates melanine synthesis - melanine enhanced natural skin shade but is also protective! So, consuming beta-carotene will give you natural tanned complexion when sunlight will show up. Some even do carrot juice cleanse during winter! ;-) Generally speaking, beta-carotene is present in red yellow and orange fruits and veggies. Greens and wholegrains as well as oils do contain some as well! To make this easier, [...]

The famous 5 servings of fruit & and veggies a day…

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We have always been told that we should eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day. But do we really know what one portion of fruit or veggie is? Would a juice count as one? To answer all of your questions here are some facts about this saying that we heard A LOT :-) (even as adults) 1. What is exactly 1 portion of fruit or vegetables? It represents 80 or 100 grammes, which is 1 banana, 1 apple, a handful of peas, a handful of sweet corn, 1 avocado, a handful of raspberries and so on... To have a clearer [...]

Daily rituals

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We all live very exciting lives where there is always something to do, to try, to experience,… Basically, we are way too often busy and focused on our goals and to-do lists rather than ourselves. Even if we say we take time for ourselves we often forget how important it is to do it on a daily basis! To manage to get some quality time between you and yourself. Create moments of peace, workouts, mindfulness to create a routine that will make you happier and happier. Here are a few things that we think are pretty cool and makes us [...]

Daily exercise you can fit in a tight schedule

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Nowadays we all aspire to a healthy and fit life. The Internet is full of apps, sport coaches that are here to help you exercise yourself and learn how to eat better and so on. But sometimes it’s hard to find the right exercise for the right person at right time without being to extreme. At Fit ‘n’ Tasty we decided to give you a mash up of people we follow to get inspired for our daily exercises and tips on how to find a little amount of time to do it. Firstly define a time on when you can [...]

Which nuts to have in your kitchen

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As a vegetarian I’m a huge nuts lover. I guess every one is deep inside ;) I don’t know about you but I always have it everywhere in small bags and not really organised. Today in order to sort it out I decided to go through a massive clean out. Here’s how I did it: First take all of your nuts, almonds and grains out Chose some jam jars that you aren’t using Cut some small sheets of papers and write all the names on it Stick [...]