[Testimonial] A day’s detox with Jen and Beauty


As if being a mother wasn't enough ! At 24, Jen also has a full time job and finds the time to write a blog: Jenandbeauty ! Who said we all had the same number of hours in a day? Her blog is like a secret journal, she shares a lot of great tips on being a mother, her birthday wishlist, interior design ideas as well as fashion inspiration. Jen told us she had not much interest in nutrition, so we tried to change her mind. Did we succeed? She tried our First Date cleanse for one day and she loved it. Here [...]

[Testimonial] Soraya Bakthiar talks about her Urban Detox


Soraya Bakthiar travels everywhere in the world as a fashion blogger. And it is right before heading to a new adventure that she decided to test our Urban Detox in order to reboost her bod. Here is her artcile just for you! This week I'm juicing (3 days only, but seems like an eternity right now) with a Swiss label called Fit 'n' Tasty. So far, I'm really pleased about the taste of the juices, they're all very fresh and yummy. What makes them so special and different to the other ones out there is that they are cold-pressed, which [...]

[Testiomonial] Swiss Foodie Anina cleanses with Fit ‘n’ Tasty

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    Say hi to Aniahimsa, the newest #swissfoodie star on the rise with a following of 11k on Instagram. We discovered her recently when her beautifully colourful feed caught our attention & ever since we are impatiently waiting to see what new creative recipes she cooks up for us to admire. She doesn't have a blog (YET!), but recorded her experience with us on her Facebook and Instagram page. Thank you for the awesome review!     Day 1 The first of 3 days juice cleanse with Fit'n'Tasty is over. 6 bottles are empty and I feel good so far. I could even [...]