It’s spring, THE time for a juice cleanse!

22-03-21|Cleanse, Events, Health, Infos|

Spring is finally here, it's the right time to do a juice cleanse! With the new season just around the corner, we wanted to talk about the ancestor of the detox cleanse, the spring cleanse known as fasting. At the time, we didn't really ask ourselves the question, when the seasons changed, we practiced a regular detoxification cure. In the Christian world, with the arrival of spring, people prepared to fast. This period lasts 40 days, which precedes one of their greatest feasts, Easter. It is obvious that nowadays we don't necessarily fast. At least it is important to [...]

Recommend to a friend

16-03-21|Events, Infos|

Fit'n'Tasty launches "Refer a friend"! You love our juices and other Fit'n'Tasty products? Are you a fan of our juice cleanses and happily planning your well-deserved wellness breaks? Tell your friends about us! We know you talk a lot about our juices, and we would like to thank you for being such loyal customers. We are offering you the opportunity to offer and receive discounts on your orders and those of your friends. Refer a friend, he will receive a voucher of 20.- , and you too (as soon as he has validated his order)! * [...]

Fit’n’Tasty launches limited edition soups!

05-03-21|Cleanse, Events, Infos|

Fit'n'Tasty introduces combined juice & soup cures! We also wanted to indulge ourselves with a warm version of our juices, for warmth and for fighting this winter and this lack of light! So we are starting by releasing them in limited edition, juuuuust in time before the end of winter : Delicious, healthy and nourishing new soups, so you can relax and enjoy yourself! For one thing, it's so good, and it warms you up, so what better way to face the winter? And also, soups are an excellent source of vegetable fiber, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, [...]