Caroline Deschamps and Camilla Guerini, from Lymi Fashion,  a blog about fashion and beauty, tried our First Date cleanse! Here’s their experience with all their tips, do’s and don’ts when detoxing ? Enjoy!

We had always wanted to try but we had never dared. But in 2017 we did it!

But what am I talking about? A detox treatment of course! Drink only juices for 3 days! As one who loves food and loves to eat, I thought it was impossible. Then with Camilla, we thought that if we did it at 2, it would surely be easier because we could support each other in difficult times.

So we ordered our detox treatment, the “First Date” for beginners and we were off to a good start.

About juices

The juices are cold pressed artisanally to preserve all the nutrients. There are 6 juices to drink each day:

  1. Ginger, lemon, water
  2. Apple, pear, spinach, cucumber, spirulina
  3. Carrot, apple, kiwi
  4. Beetroot, apple, carrot, parsley, lemon
  5. Apple, celery, lemon
  6. Cucumber, celery, lettuce, spinach, lemon


A detox treatment has to be prepared. You can not eat only fries and hamburgers and start a detox overnight. You will receive a guide with your treatment which recommends you foods to privilege and to banish 3 days before starting.

The start

We had chosen to start our treatment on a Thursday for fear of being tired and having to work all week. So we were delivered to work in the morning and started with a juice “Lemon-Ginger-Water”. We must admit that this one was our favorite. The one we least liked was No. 2. As for the others, they are drinkable but we were not very fond of taste. Some vegetables take over and this can be unpleasant (if you don’t like this vegetable – cucumber for example).

Side effects

We did not experience any particular side effects and surprisingly we were not very hungry. Drinking a juice every 2 hours filled our stomachs. On the other hand, we felt quite weak and so we did not sport too intense during these 3 days.

Do we recommend it?

YES. This allows you to start from scratch to start a healthier diet and feel lighter.

If you want to test, go to: Fit’n’Tasty
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Don’t hesitate to share your detox experience by leaving a comment below!

Have a nice day