Good training session starts with beetroot juice!

Beet is one of the richest food in nitrates – which can be found in spinach, lettuce and celery. Nitrates convert into the body as nitric oxide. Why is it important? Because nitric oxide regulates blood flow as well as metabolism!

+   Enhanced blood flow reduces fatigue, giving the body endurance and performance.

+   Why having beetroot one hour before training ? Reason is because of the high nitrate amount, it requires time to transform into nitric oxide. Then, nitric oxide will help increase the blood vessels’ size, enabling effective oxygen flow. Here is where improved endurance and strength come from!

+   Make sure you consume raw beetroot to not lose its nutrients and minerals.

+   Beet is also a great source of magnesium, it relaxes your muscles as well as your gut, which eases intestinal transit. 

Its earthy taste, unique color and minerals will delight your diet! Be careful though, it stains!

Our Sweet beet juice:

30% beet
35% carrot
25% apple
10% lemon
and parsley!

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