Are you really on holidays ?

We might be halfway around the world or at our little sweet home, it can be difficult to literally “be” on holidays. If you tend to think about what you’ve got to plan, to ruminate, even when standing by the beach, then this article is for you! These well-being keys have been found in a Health magazine (an interview with Nicole Bordeleau), read by the pool – a surprisingly resourcing afternoon.

Allow time for adjusting

We hardly become zen overnight! Depending on the accumulated fatigue, the body needs two to three days of total rest so the stress hormones can be normalized. The process can take more time according to our fatigue level!

Planning holidays?
When you plan an activity each day, even though a relaxing one, in the end your holidays will be a whirlwind of to-do things! No worries that is normal, performance obsession can be easily transmitted whilst on holidays. Find the right balance between “do” and “be” so you can give your body and mind a chance to reunite.

Slow down
Within the routine, we whrite about 50 texts an hour, we tear up the mail, running everywhere, this speed follows us on holidays if we don’t force for a change! Take a deep breathe and open your mind.

One thing at a time
To be on holiday is the best to get back to basics. Allowing ourselves moments in which we only do one thing allows us to reach the internal freedom as we live the present of the experience. Walking? Focus on your steps, the sound of the wind…  Broaden and relaxed awareness.

Even though a screen cessation is not the purpose, put your phone on airplane mode some time will actually give you time! Running, swimming… moving the body is one of the best ways to vacuum in order to refuel afterwards. 

Doing nothing
Zero project. Zero activity. Zero thoughts. Simply enjoy the present. Do nothing so you can be yourself. Personally, my favorite activity consists in closing my eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, even though there is noise or whatsoever, I succeed to reach an altered state of consciousness. 

Yes to well-being, mindfulness and joy!