About Victoria Sardain :

Victoria is a wellness coach, consultant and entrepreneur who’s ultimate mission is to enable people all over the world to understand their personal power. Through her monthly Brunch Club events, one-on-one coaching, Corporate Wellness Programs for companies, and her blog, she is here to spread inspiration and have a real impact on the world.  

“Morning has always been my favourite time of the day. Every morning is an opportunity to reset, restart and slay the day ahead. About 4 years ago I made a promise to myself that I would do a quick 15 minute yoga flow as soon as I wake up every single day. This simple yoga routine opened my eyes to the incredible power of having a good, healthy morning ritual. Waking up even only 20 minutes earlier can change everything, from your mindset, your productivity, your physical health, positivity and mental wellbeing. The world of morning rituals can be slightly hard to navigate with some swearing by wheatgrass shots and oil pulling, others by ice baths and colonics, all of which sound incredibly unattractive and definitely not what I want to be doing first thing in the morning. Here are 5 easy steps to creating your own morning ritual that works for you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wake up at 4am to get it all done, it can be short and sweet, as long as your mind’s in it, the benefits will be major.”

1. Drink Up

“Naturally after an 8 or so hours of sleep, your body will be dehydrated. Step 1 the second you open your eyes should always be to drink water (yes even before you check your Instagram notifications). I always keep a big bottle water next to my bed, drink half of it before I fall asleep and the other half as soon as I wake up. For extra benefits think about having some warm lemon water as well, however there’s no harm in starting simple – and starting with just water. “

2. Move Your Body

“Now that you’re rehydrated, it’s time to get moving. Not only have you just spent the last 8 hours fasting, you’ve also spent them lying in the exact same position without moving. Whether you decide to go through a little morning yoga flow, just a simple full body stretch, foam rolling or any other activity you like to practice, make sure you keep it slow and controlled to ease your body into it. Trust me when I say that even just a 5 minute stretch first thing in the morning will not only make you feel more energized and  promote good circulation but can prevent injury and increase your flexibility.”

3. Clear Your Mind

“I know meditation isn’t easy for everyone, which is why I haven’t included it explicitly here. Step 3 to your morning routine should be to clear your mind. Meditation has been proven to relax your nervous system; slowing down your breath, heart-rate, blood pressure etc. and helping you be more focused. If you struggle with meditation, you don’t need to force it. Simply take a deep breath, and try to clear your mind entirely, even just for a few seconds. If you are open to the idea of meditation however, then definitely give it a try. There are many guided meditations Apps and YouTube videos which make it easier when you’re just starting off. “

4. Practice Gratitude

“Step 4 to your new morning routine includes practicing gratitude. If you’re someone who tends to see things half-empty, then try this: get yourself to do a mental list every morning of 3 things your grateful for. Challenge yourself to pick 3 different things every day. The benefits come when you think you’ve exhausted all the “obvious” things to be grateful for, and have to consciously work to think of new ones. “

5. Get Organized

” Last but not least; time to ease into a productive day. A great technique I learned was to decide on 3 main “to-dos” daily. This can be something as small as replying to that one email or doing the laundry. Keep them small and manageable. The positive feeling you get from fulfilling the list will then give you the motivation to continue onto other tasks during the day if you still have time. “