We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary – What a ride!

And we want to celebrate this with you! To thank you for your long trust we have planned 10 exciting special offers  just for YOU for the next two weeks.

From Monday 10.06.24 until Monday 24.06.24, check out the offers below and mark your calendar: One offer per day!*

Check out our Finale Offer! It’s a big surprise!

* Offers are automatically applied when the conditions are met (minimum order value). Offers are not combinable with other promotions.

Monday – 10.06.24

1 FRESH EDEN & 1 DEEP GREEN for free for any order above 100.-

Tuesday – 11.06.24

-10% on our gift cards! Time to offer a healthy gift!

Wednesday – 12.06.24

Free 5 shots discovery box for any order above 100.-

Thursday – 13.06.24

Free delivery for any order above 100.-

Friday – 14.06.24 until Sunday 16.06.24

-10% on our First Date Juice Fasting

Monday – 17.06.24

-10% on our Green Warrior Juice Fasting

Tuesday – 18.06.24

Free cooling bag for any order above 100.-

Wednesday – 19.06.24

-15% on all green juices

Thursday – 20.06.24

Free discovery box (Value of CHF 49.90) for any order above 200.-

Friday – 21.06.24 until Monday 24.06.24


Wait for it.. Let’s see what that offer will be Friday morning! It’s going to be huge!

What a decade!

I’m delighted to announce that this year we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary! 10 years of success after success, of challenges, of joyful partnerships, of a confident and growing team of excellent people. From the first trials in my kitchen (thanks to my lovely husband for trying 15 versions of beetroot juice that day:) to a range of juices, shots, soups and almond drinks that are much appreciated in Switzerland. Whether you enjoyed our drinks for their authenticity, artisan touch or local concept, you made me proud of what Fit ‘n’ Tasty has become.

Back in 2014, or even before, I was always judgmental about the typically Swiss juices you could find in the shops. What was a typical Swiss juice back then? Your multi-fruit blend of orange, pineapple, passion fruit and other exotic bestsellers. For me, it couldn’t go any further than Swiss made. I also thought that people were abandoning their daily juice habits because they were becoming evilly sweeter and sweeter.

Through my previous life’s travels, I had discovered the concept of juice fasting through juicing, and the perfect balance between fruit and vegetables to accompany your daily health ambitions. Back then, Switzerland was still a juice fast virgin. And today? 10 years later! Who hasn’t heard? Fit ‘n’ Tasty is now one of the leading brands in Switzerland offering a wide range of swiss made juice fasts. And it’s all thanks to YOU!

I remember the first customer that was not a close relative or friend who ordered our juices online. At the time, I made my juices in my kitchen, motivating my husband to press 10 kg of carrots for me before leaving for work, as I had to press all the juices and deliver them across Lausanne and Geneva every day. Those were busy days (but probably easier than the ones I have today with my family of 3 children). I remember my fantastic friends supporting me when the number of customers doubled (from 10 to 20, wow!). I remember when I finally moved into a proper professional lab to continue experimenting and developing. I remember when 3 of us employees had a baby at the same time (hahah… I was understanding because I was one of them!). I remember the time at Covid when the team was always there, strong as a pillar to pursue the dream of authentic, artisanal production. I remember the day when Switzerland’s most beloved personality called to order my juices. I remember the day when my production team knew better than me how to make perfect juices, as I slowly passed the baton of production. I remember paddling, surfing, flying, boating, picnicking, mölkkying with my team (as well as juicing, brainstorming, debating and philosophising at lunchtime obviously :).

Fit ’n’ Tasty is a growing business, but for me it’s first and foremost a beautiful story with lots of ambition, challenges and adventurous chapters. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do, my customers, my partners, my team, my beloved husband and my three boys.

To celebrate with you, my team and I have prepared 10 daily offers which you will discover in the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned and block your calendar! The range of offers, discounts, free juices and surprises is fantastic!

See you in 10 years, fit ’n’ tasters!

Wendy Vanhonacker, Founder

Wendy from Fit 'n' Tasty
Almond Shake, Fresh Eden
Matcha Shot
Fit Soup
Orange juice

10 years

2014 – 2024

Orange juice
Almond Shake, Fresh Eden
Fit Soup

“Let’s do this”

Wendy’s Mojo

Orange juice
Orange juice
Orange juice
Almond Shake, Fresh Eden
Matcha Shot
Fit Soup

“It all starts with a plan”

.. and 10 years later it’s still a dream come true

Orange juice
Orange juice

They talk about our fasting programs

High quality products with proven benefits! Delicious flavors with the desire to come back to it! I recommend them to you and I reorder them right now for a beneficial vitamin fasting before winter !

Olivier, Wallis

All the juices are exquisite, freshly made and delivered very easily. I am a fan of the First Date and my favourite juice is the Deep Green ! I would recommend the products anytime.

Louise, Wallis

I am thrilled. I have now three days through and ordered three more. I only needed an extra bouillon with egg in the evening, so maybe not so much went on the scale, but I feel fit and light. Juices are very tasty, delivery fresh and on time. But hey – what have you done with my appetite for coffee and cigarettes? Because it is almost gone!

Sina, Bern

10 out of 10! Because you offer a lovely and personalised service, because the juices taste don’t just taste good but are truly delicious and because this is a interesting new concept in Switzerland and perfect for people who are too busy to make juices themselves.

Olivia, Lausanne

Super easy solution, and perfect for a post-holiday fast. I loved it! And for those who find it expensive: Go ahead and buy the juicer, get the organic groceries, stand in the kitchen for hours juicing away…Then you will see that it is worth it!

Xavier, Lausanne

I found the juices divine, and with the little meal at lunch time I wasn’t hungry one bit. The service was impeccable, the bottles are beautifully designed and all my colleagues at work were intrigued by them!

Maya, Lausanne

Hello! I just wanted to leave a quick note saying how much I adored your juices! I will definitely be recommending it to my friends. Juice fasting is more fun with friends, right?

Sylvie, Vandoeuvres