Auf ihrem Blog Currently Wearing  spricht Miriam eigentlich eher über Mode und Lifestyle. Sie hat eine Detox mit uns gegönnt! Ihre ganze Review gibt es hier zu lesen:

Green Juices Keep You Mindful & Healthy


New Year, new resolutions, right? At least for most of us. I confess that I don’t like taking New Year’s resolutions. I never keep them. Don’t you find it curious that you should wait until 1 January to make radical changes to your life? I even found a book (in the self-help section of my favorite bookstore) that explained why New Year’s resolutions never work. I did not purchase it but it felt good to receive a seal of approval.
But today is not about New Year’s resolutions. It is about staying healthy day by day, especially when you have to juggle million things at once.
I happy to announce that I became Fit ‘n’ Tasty brand Ambassador! As such, I was given the opportunity to start 2017 with cold pressed green juices. Their offer is so wide that it was hard to choose. My favorite became Deep Clean and The Hero.
I also picked some almond milks. Pink Panther and Cacao Bliss are the best almond milks I have ever tried. I am a chocolate addict and the Cacao bliss brings me back to my childhood. My favorite chocolate drink was Granko, a cheap version of Nesquik (remember, I grew up in a Communist country where bananas and Coca Cola were a hot commodity).

When I told Alex that I am taking on this new challenge he rolled his eyes. He tried Pimp Me Up , mix of carrots, apple & kiwi, but it was “too healthy”. He is used to juices that you can buy in grocery store. They are sweeter and, even if it is not written on the label, most of them are “enriched” with sugar. That is the problem with hidden sugars, you get so used to food tasting in a certain way that you don’t like its real, natural flavor. And cold pressed juices taste “real”, not like a syrup.

It may not be the perfect choice for everyone but it is for me. I believe in 80:20 lifestyle. It allows me to have my mille-feuilles here and there without feeling guilty. 80% of my diet is made of vegetables, lean organic meat and poultry, pulses, nuts, superfoods and as little of carbs and dairy as possible.

Having one cold press juice instead of my afternoon coffee felt reinvigorating. But if you are not a fan of veggies, cold pressed green juices are a great way of “sneaking” vegetables in your diet. I know, it sounds funny but for someone like Alex it works perfectly.


Gold Vanina bracelet via Rush & Co, Alpaca poncho (sold out, but this beautiful cape from Marc O’Polo is on sale ), H&M leggings (love these from Noisy May with leather finish), Buffalo silver heels and crochet hat (gift from my parents).

Photos by: Alexander Ramp.